Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ear Conditioning Nov. 27.2007

Ear Conditioning 27.11 / Post-Womad Program
As mentioned in the previous post, this past weekend, the Womad Festival in Las Palmas took centre stage. Akli D, Los Campesinos, Justin Adams, Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba, Mala Rodriguez, 08001, Concha Buika, Mory Kante, Dj´s Blam & Khan, Jamie Cato, Black Strobe, David D´Or, Susana Baca, Culture Music Club, Calima, local 4-man DJ crew Funk Four Factory, 2 Mini Dj´s and Maghreb Sound System were among the artists that presented their thing. Bill Cobham was the Master of Ceremonies for the event, which ended with him leading the Grand Finale Jam session, featuring most of the artists that performed over the weekend. Class.
At least once a day there was a ´What the hell is that´ moment. The introduction of a new sound, new instrument, and new group/singer/style...something fresh for the senses. Concha Buika topped it for me.

There was a fantastic crowd response when Mory Kante dropped Yéké Yéké, the first million selling African record.

Womad 2007 was the first time i´ve heard grime and dubstep played in the Canaries, (courtesy of the youthful and fun-loving DJ´s Blam and Khan) on a system that can deal with the low end. Sub-frequency / bass-bins seem not the have a home in the Canaries for some reason. That must change. Had a quick chat with Khan, and he told me that all the tunes they played during their dj sets was all their own material, which was quite impressive, and they had a wide selection of tuneage, and no two sounded alike, promising.

Tonight, program two for Radio Norte goes a little like this.....some resistance music from Palestine, into Rachid Taha, a dash of Lisbon electro and so on.......

Palestinian Student Karmel Group · Al Intifada Was Jabal Al Thawra (Venture)
In A´d Rifaki · Al Kassam Al Filistini (Venture)
Rachid Taha · Ya Rayah (Wrasse)
Buraka Som Sistema · Com Respeito (Modular)
Trio Madjesi · 8ieme Round (Trikont)
Billy Cobham · Anxiety (Atlantic)
LV · Takeover (Hyperdub)
Coki · The End (dmz)
Skream · Moving Snares (Disfigured)
Coki · Sponge Bob (dmz)
ANS · Brave New World (Studio Rockers)
Bunny General · Kill a Drumpan Sound (Sweet Beat)
Frederik Galliano · Le Poussiére (F Communications 10")
The Dynamics · Move on up

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The Bug ´Poison Dart´ / Concha Buika

Prepping tomorrow´s .....no, today´s program for Radio Norte 89.4FM
Just stepped in from Womad Las Palmas, and got the word on this......
New single will be out early December....shop for Christmas with a difference.

One of Womad highlights was Concha Buika.
Piano, Drums, Bass, Voice, 100% conviction, passion, soul bared for all to witness.
Nex´ level funkjazz business on some classic Spanish compositions, that Concha has ripped the rulebook on.

Program two for Radio Norte today will be a 60 minutes non-stop action with hits from Palestine, Bunny General, Coki and Rachid Taha, who will be performing in Tenerife in two days.... The program should be up and running at 21h00/9pm at 89.4FM, tonight.
Last week´s pgm could get loaded as was expected....something about too much bass, not enough memory in the computer?!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Bush, Canada, sucky sucky

It´s a damn shame to see the Canadian government capitulating to the US regime instead of respecting their own parliament. Women in pink are now considered too dangerous to be allowed into Canada!

Hightower on the lowdown

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

24-N Manifestación por la conservación del medio ambiente

Tacoronte Se Mueve

24-N, yeah, Valen and countless others are working hard to defend what little soil there is from the overwhelming onslaught of cement and raising of towering oversexed cranes that appear to reproduce and lightnin´ speed and try to block vision of the muscular volcano El Tiede. 24-N, damn Womad weekend in Gran Canaria, what a beeyatch! Joper, priorities are a bastid!

Note on the track used in the video, much thanks to Nacho 4 President, and to Julio , the shepherd that made himself available to speak his part in front of my sock-covered mic. Big thanks to Valen also, for asking for the track, and putting the video together....and for also setting up www.earconditioning.net. the mother to this page. Where is the link to her webpage? VAlen, Valen, can you hear me?