Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Moving house

I've moved the Ear Conditioning blog to

It had to be done.

See ya there....maybe.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ear Conditioning / Substance Abuse

The sports desk presents another edition of all manner of sound.  From the luscious horns and and keyboard work that carry Diplo's  'Sarah'  to the onehundreadpercent roots of Fe Mi Time.
I came across South African Dudu Pukwana during my time at Virgin Records.  They distributed the Trevor Herman label that was/is Earthworks.   Great label Earthworks.  Also from South Africa is the contribution from Jonny & Sipho, from the Rhythm of Resistance album.

There's been quite a build-up in the UK press about the forthcoming reunion/30th Anniversary tour by The Specials.  It's been a bit ugly though as the band founder/leader Jerry Dammers is not part of the tour.  Something not quite right here.  I saw a raving review of his latest project the Spatial AKA Orchestra last week and that put a smile on my face.  Kevin Martin told me that Dammers had invited The SpaceApe to do a version of Ghost Town, would love to have seen that.  I always thought the Special AKA album, In the Studio was fantastic.  

Is it really almost twenty years ago that Jane's Addiction played the Marquee venue in London?

  • Sonny Boy Williamson / Let your conscience be your guide (Chess)
  • Jonny & Sipho / Inkunzi Ayi Hlabi Ngokusima (Earthworks/Virgin America)
  • Fe Mi Time All Stars / Black Rights  (Pressure Sounds)
  • The Specials / Long Shot Kick The Bucket / Liquidator / Skinhead Moonstop - The Peel           Sessions (BBC/EMI)
  • Asha Bosle,  Shabir Kumar &  Chorus / Mujhe Dulhe Ka Sehra Gane Do (Music India)
  • Saul Williams / PG (Witchita)
  • Jane's Addiction / Of Course (Warners)
  • Dudu Pukwana / Bayoli (Earthworks)
  • Flying Lotus / Golden Diva  (Warp)
  • Akazéhé / Par deux jeunes filles  (Ocora/Radio France)
  • 2562 / Channel Two  (Multiverse/Tectonic)
  • Richard Pryor / Africa  (Warner Brothers)
  • Diplo / Sarah (Big Dada)
  • Tracelements / Noisy  featuring Scalper
  • Tracelements vs. D.WattsRiot / Ear To the Wall Version
  • The Special AKA / Alcohol - The Peel Sessions (BBC/EMI)
  • Living Colour / Hemp featuring Andy Farley (CBS)
  • Buddah Music / Loop 05 xi (mp3)
There you have it.

This edition of Ear Conditioning will be broadcast tonight in Tenerife via 
Radio Norte 89.4FM at 20h30, 
then it'll be available via Sunhole at 22h00.
I'll make the podcast available tomorrow, here.  

Simone at Lagenda here in Tenerife has asked for a little 15-20minute mix to go on their website/forum, and that should surface soon, along with some mixes from fellow Sunholers, LastOne and Tanin, I think Simone is going to do a mix also, hope so.  Lagenda have been very supportive of my endeavours, much thanks.

Update on the previous post, Charles Holgate:  It appears that he and /Rupture had a lengthy telephone conversation last night, and he asked that the post be removed, and he's going to clarify things.  His ass is getting a bit sweaty methinks, as now if someone fucks with you, all you gotta do is do a post, and it can spread like all over and you tons of people will know that you are an asshole.  Need some tissues for your butt Charles?

Charles Holgate / MC Run with yer Money

There's a new MC in town.....used to be known as MC Nomad, but now called MC Run-with- yer-money!

Checked in with our man DJ/Rupture over at Mudd Up! an hour ago, and bam, one heavy post about Charles Holgate, who was hired to do publicity for the Uproot album in the UK.  

Uproot was a damn fine project that /Rupture mixed for the Agriculture label.  (I had it on this morning, well, yesterday morning)

Turns out Charles Holgate took the money and ran, neglecting to give updates on progress/or lack of, to /Rupture or the label.  Finally after six months he came with some lame excuse about not getting any press, while taking credit for the review that appeared on Pitchfork.

Having worked in press and publicity, I know the game, and he definitely played by his own rules,  thinking that he would get away with it because his client was based in the US, thousands of miles from his London base.  

Just check the link above and read for yerself, should you be interested. 

Charles sucks big time.

I'm sure there's gonna be an update to this.  

This scenario reminds me of when I played at the Aguaviva Festival last year.   When the time came for me to get paid, the booker Alby at La Luciérnaga Producciones avoided my calls and texts like the plague.  Just heard a couple days ago that they went bust.  Fuck you!  
Although, they'll most probably change their name and resurface again.

ps. Charles, you need to update your LinkedIn page, it still says Head of Press at Zzzonked, when you clearly left there over six months ago.  Also, don't forget to add Teef.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Ear Conditioning / For use in subhuman primates

I was over at the Field yesterday or this morning and he's got a post on racism. He writes how some call him a " 'racialist' 'cos he always on about racism". Then a little while ago, I found this. A story about a Navy Officer who went to work to find a 'Vote Mugabe' poster on the wall behind his desk. We really hate having to go down this road, we really do.
Some think we get up in the morning, have Coon Flakes (yes, that's what one of the guys in our group at school used to say for awhile) and look forward to another day of racist tirades with a watermelon grin on our faces. Whitey please!
Carnaval nah done!

Never in my wildest dreams would I think Groove Armada would do anything that would pleasently stroke my ear lobes. The folks at Mad Decent made it possible with a right calypsoul breakout remix. GA have linked up with a rum producer that ain't Havana Club, to harvest the power of the internet.

S'pose it worked since the promo company working this project sent me the audio file via the 'nets.

Back to the carnaval theme, Ghislain Poirier has been busy busy and the result is Soca Sound System. Did ya eyeball the video in previous post?

Earlier today Zomby dropped a response to Simon Reynolds' article in The Guardian (UK Press) about the relationship between his music and Ketamine. That's him told good an' proper. Got Zomby's ten-minute mix for Radio 1, in the program again. Arpeggiated synthax and cold beats holding court.
Also a return visit to the works of Dub1 out of Virginia, USA
The legendary Lee 'Scratch' Perry gets a reworking by The Moody Boy with Rootical Mr. Manuva along on the mic.

For Spanish speakers and loudspeakers, here is an interview with Filastine that was on RNE last week.
Also a couple slices from the Ghana Soundz Vol.1 album from the tasty Soundways label. That would be a great place to work.

Ear Conditioning - For Use in Subhuman Primates and Cats only
  • Filastine / Singularities (Soot/Jarring Effects)
  • Ghislain Poirier / Immigrant Visa (NinjaTune)
  • Groove Armada/ Crank it Up Mad Decent Remix
  • Ashmahan / Naoueit (Club Arabe)
  • Zeza Barkak Melbeka / Fatma Ben Meddah from Sprigs of Time (Honest Jons)
  • Dub1 / No Weapons (DreadTek)
  • Zomby / Mix Session (Hyperdub)
  • Pest / Heard ya bird moved in (NinjaTune)
  • Lee 'Scratch' Perry / Give Me a Call Mate -Moody Boyz Remix feat. Roots Manuva (On-U Sound)
  • 3rd Generation Band /Because of Money - Ghana Soundz Vol.1 (Soundway)
  • Oscar Sully & The Uhuru Dance Band /Bukom Mashie - Ghana Soundz Vol. 1 (Soundway)
  • Welcome to Jamrock Daddy G Mix
  • J-Star meets Ms. Dynamite / Never Fall in Love (J-Star)
  • Alan Freed Outro Goodnight and thanks for the use of your speakers.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Ghislain Poirier- Get Crazy

From the Soca Sound System release on Ninja.....Tropical breaks made in the sub-zer0 freeze of Montreal.

[ GPG : GHISLAIN POIRIER - GET CRAZY feat MR. SLAUGHTER ] from Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mastering Tips

One of my first jobs at Virgin Records in London was in the A'n'R Dept., booking cutting (or mastering) appointments at mastering facilities such as the Townhouse, CBS in Whitfield Street, or Porky's, to name a few.  

For those that don't know, Cutting or Mastering is the final opportunity to tweak the sound, and it's prepared for vinyl and/or cd manufacture.

I'm putting this hear (sic) so I will hopefully remember to come back to it when needed.
Thanks to thedailyswarm.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Smell of Carnaval

Greetings from Carnaval-drunk Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  The fiesta that is Carnaval in Santa Cruz is coming to an end, mind you,only to spring up in other parts of the island.  Santa Cruz is the biggest open toilet at this time.  While moving to the battling sounds of murga's in one earhole and DJ El Killo  in the other, the stench of a weekend of us pissing on any available space took over...goddam!

Some amazing costumes were to be witnessed however.  
The best for my eyes was the guy with a sheep attached to mid-riff as if he was giving the sheep his manhood from behind.  The surprised expression via the sheep's eyes gave the costume it's crowning glory.  The other top costume was a mobile replica of a swimming pool, complete with two live-action synchronized swimmers. 

This week's program doesn't reflect Carnaval at all, not one iota...sorry, sick of hearing Salsa!

It's a bit loaded with El-P/Co.Flo material for some reason.  I had to play 'Fuck the Law' from the WeAreAllGoingToBurnInHellMeggaMixx2 release 'cos of the killa line:
"My god they got a child convinced with a lie that he'll die honorably"

Former Co.Flow deckwizard, Mr. Len also shows up behind the boards for Kice of Course.

Speaking of  'of course'...of course I had to check out the link to Nickelus F track featuring Portishead.  Well, it's not featuring, he raps over a couple of their tracks....Cowboys and Roads.

For awhile I had a habit of listening to  Nubian Minds' "Black Science" as a wind down to the sonic day.  It has the some of the same subtle Techno sensibilities that Martyn is running ahead with at the moment.

Hey, where the females at?

Sorry for the lack of representation ladies....step forward Voice.  Over a piano laden jazz step of a beat, Voice brings humour and wit to the situation of a rapper trying to make ends meet.

When I found the Nickelus F track over at, I also found this gem, Alex the fourteen year old beatboxer....which 12million views on youtube,  everybody 'cept me musta seen this by now, nonetheless, it's brill'.

Ear Conditioning 03 March 2009
  • King Midas Sound / Lost - Flying Lotus Remix  (Hyperdub)
  • Company Flow / No Locks (Rawkus)
  • Nickelus F / Cowboys featuring Portishead (mp3)
  • Kice of Course / Like Smack (Dummy Smacks)
  • Self Scientific vs. Linton Kwesi Johnson / Degrees of Bass Culture 
  • IQ Productions vs. Kope  (Banana Klan)
  • J-Zone / No Consequences feat. Huggy Bear (Old Maid)
  • Ice / Trapped in Three Dimensions - El-P Remix (Morpheus)
  • El-P / Fuck the Law (Definitive Jux)
  • Voice / Mediocre (Public Transit)
  • Freeform Arkestra/ Freeform Theme (Straight Ahead)
  • LV vs. Dandelion / Takeover Dub (Hyperdub)
  • Jazzsteppa / Taylor Rain (Studio Rockers)
  • Ize / Tronka di Mundo
  • King L Man with Grenouille/ Mariposa  (Ear Conditioning)
  • Wesley Willis / The Frogs (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • Nubian Minds / Black Science - Restless Soul Remix (Archive)

Ear Conditioning is 'earable Tuesdays
FM Radio - Radio Norte 89.4FM  20h30 GMT
Internet Radio - Sunhole 22h00 GMT

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

FamilleBou Bess / Bomb Squad

A little news piece on FamilleBou Bess from today's La Opinion newspaper.
There needs to be more African voices heard in this place, too much talking about them and never hearing first hand.  That's the thing that gets me, as I mentioned in the previous post.

I did feel a bit weird that they asked if we could take the photo-shoot on the beach...a bit corny I thought, but as the concept around interview was the sea and how it connects Africa and the Canary Islands, I let it slide.   

During interview FBB talked about their respective journeys to Tenerife, no easy feat, six days in an open-top, over-crowded boat suffering from a  lack of  food and water.  
This isn't something for adults never mind teenagers.

The Ear Conditioning program for this week features a mix from The Bomb Squad, with a little help from The Loop Orchestra to close matters.  The Shocklee Brothers are seriously into their dubstep.

Update:  The Bomb Squad have just informed me of another mix they've uploaded for us to soak in, here.

Ear Conditioning  is 'earable here: 
Radio Norte 89.4FM      Tuesday 20h30 GMT  (Catchment area -  North Tenerife)
Sunhole  Tuesday 22h00 GMT  (Streamed repeatedly during the week)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Those damn Africans again!

The Canarian President, the short ass that is Paulino Rivero recently got my missus in a state when he said that 'the sad state of the hospitals and other social services here was due to the influx of immigrants' (read Africans).

We have had to wait seven hours in the hospital for results of a blood test, and it's the fault of my man Beyal yeah?

Go fuck yerself Paulino, there are only two hospitals on the island of Tenerife, just two, and they are within sight of each other.  Man, your political party have been controlling the Canary Islands for ages, and what you done besides fill the pockets of your associates? 

We've met people in the hospital that have to come from some of the other islands to get treatment.

Is that Ibrahima's fault? Don't think so mate.

How come we never see politicians canvassing at hospitals during election time?

Because they would get an serious earful and a rightful kickin´, but then the people forget when it comes to the vote.

Politicians and commentators have this habit of talking about the immigrants, but you never ever hear immigrants talking first had about their experiences.

With Famille Bou Bess, a group featuring three rappers from Senegal, with production from Ventor of Species/Dr. Luna and myself we aim to change that, in what little way that we can. More on FBB as it happens.

At least twenty-two Africans looking to make a better life for themselves and families lost their lives a couple days ago when a boat carrying them from Senegal capsized a few metres from a Lanzarote beach.

Meanwhile Europeans/Canarians continue to consume fish from West African waters like it's their god-given right. The European Union have recently ignored recommendations from their own scientists regarding fish stocks and approved higher quotas, when their scientists said there should be a reduction. This is directly affecting our brothers in Senegal and Mali, and contributing to people looking to get into Europe.

Yankee you got the power
When you want to enter country, you don't no need no visa
When you wanted some oil, you send the power
Anything you want, anything you do
You de policeman, the prosecutor, you the lawyer and judge and jury, jury.
Akoya Afrobeat 'B.F.B.F. (Panama)'

I was just catching up to see what the field-negro had to say, and his latest post was about the deep state of financial shit that the USA is in...that shit is knee deep and rapidly heading for their mouths of people around the globe. Racing to my mind came a conversation I had with somebody who is close to some of those that were residents at Guantanamo, courtesy of the US administration. The theory about the US being drawn into conflict in Afghanistan was raised. The idea being that a war in Afghanistan would be a financial drain. I was told that things went beyond their wildest expectations, although they didn't think that they would lay out (kill) so many innocent people....hhmmmm, something to think about.

Now sports...Last week when writing about Dub1, I mentioned Sheriff Lindo in the same sentence, which naturally led me to dig out the album. I now see that Lindo has a myspace page up and running. Cop the album Ten Dubs that Shook the World if you can.

People here in Tenerife are constantly asking me about ADF, so I dug out the DJ Scud remix of Witness...and hopefully some of those askers will be listening.

At Womad a few months back, the two guitarists from Antibalas gave me music from other afrobeat projects they have going on. Akoya Afrobeat is one, yeah, check those lyrics above, and Chico Mann is the other, a Casio-keyboard/drum machine led afrobeat thing. Yep, you read it right, Casio tone afrobeat!

Downloaded the Q-Tip/Tribe Called Quest mixtape by J. Period. Great stuff covering Q-Tip´s solo material as well as the Tribe material, obviously. Had me wondering though, where the hell is Shawn J. Period? Are they the same person? Answer to that is no, but I still wanna hear some freshness from Shawn J. Are ya out there Shawn? In the meanwhile I have to be content with what I have, which includes the Mos Def´s ´Universal Magnetic´ that Shawn produced, and a few other gems.

Ear Conditioning is broadcast every Tuesday via Radio Norte 89.4FM from 20h30 GMT and also via from 22h00 GMT

Ear Conditioning/Feb. 17 2009
  • Sheriff Lindo & The Hammer - Fatal Dub (Endless)
  • Pablove Black - Race Track (Studio 1)
  • Chico Mann - Say What (Kindred Spirits)
  • Negativeland - Christianity is Stupid
  • Mos Def - Universal Magnetic (Rawkus)
  • Q-Tip - Renaissance Remix feat. Lil' Wayne, Raekwon & Busta Rhymes (mp3)
  • State of Bengal - Skip-ij (SOB)
  • Amadou & Miriam - Ca N'est Pas Bon feat. Damon Albarn (Because)
  • Hijo de la Cumbia - El ghetto va a macer (Soot)
  • Kollington Ayinia - Omo n Gbo Temi (Honest Jons)
  • The Bug - Politicians and Paedophiles (Rephlex)
  • Asian Dub Foundation - Witness/DJ Scud Remix (Nation)
  • Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack/Mike Slott Reflunk (Warp)
  • Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays John Cassavettes Part 2 (the Agriculture)
  • King L Man - OneThirtySix (Ear Con)

Monday, 9 February 2009

It´s called Freestyle, but this style is expensive

Yes yes good people.
What´s the dilly?
Well, trying to maintain man, just trying to maintain, you know it´s the standard refrain.
Seriously though, the Ear Conditioning program will now be carried by the good folks at, based here in Tenerife.
As usual, the program goes out on Tuesday´s, the time, 22h00-23h00, we are in the same time zone as London, UK, if that helps. Finally Ear Conditioning will have a solid internet presence.

This week´s program starts with a short jaunt across the water to Senegal for some proper drumming courtesy of Doudou N´daiye Rose, the master drummer and his massive group.

I´ve been working over the past two weeks with Famille Bou Bess, three rappers from Senegal who survived the treacherous waters between Senegal and Tenerife. Also involved is Ventor, who people may know of through his work in Species, and also Dr. Luna, which contributes a percussion-concussion to the program with Pidele.  More on Famille Bou Bess as it happens.

Continuing on, we have new-ness from Filastine, El Hijo de la Cumbia, Dub1 and Sukh Knight.

Dub1 sent me his album last week, it´s in the family of Sherrif Lindo and the Hammer, African Head Charge. With me now? Good.

Also in the set, representing the unclassifiable we have  King Midas Sound, Kode 9 vs. LD and Martyn, who I can't get enough of at the moment, with his rerub of Shut Up and Dance's 'Epileptic'.

Did someone say "How 'bout some old school?"  
Okay, old joints from Fun´da´mental and the Trinidad Steel Drummers, which both have that carnaval spirit that is ramping up in these parts.

Ear Conditioning 10.02.2009
Doudou N´daiye Rose - Ligueyou Ndeye (Virgin France)
Dr. Luna - Pidele
Shut Up and Dance - Epileptic/Martyn´s No Strobe Remix
Kode 9 vs. LD - Bad (Hyperdub)
Dub1 - Formed against (cdr)
Robert Fisk - Arab Democracy
Sukh Knight - Knightlife
Filastine - To the Motherfucking East (Soot/Jarring Effects)
El Hijo de la Cumbia - Cumbia de los Barrios (Soot)
Afronaut & Son de Batey - Golpe (Bitasweet)
Trinidad Steel Drummers - Cissy Strutt (Mystic Brew)
Fun-da-mental - Mother India/Moody Boys Mela Remix (Nation)
King Midas Sound - One Ting/Dabrye Remix (Hyperdub)
Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos (Melankolic)
Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos Instrumental Melankolic)

Ear Conditioning
Radio Norte 89.4FM                           Sunhole
Tuesday / martes 20h30-21h30       Tuesday / Martes 22h00-23h00

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ear Conditioning Radio 27.01.09

Going out tonight via the airwaves of Radio Norte/Tenerife....Newness from DJ/rupture's  Soot label.  They have two albums ready to go, 'Dirty Bomb' from Filastine, and an album from Argentina's El Hijo de la Cumbia.  Filastine has a new blog which holds words and pix from his travels and how this new album came into shape. If skewwed up maghreb-bass heavy-political as fuck sonic reflections are your thing, seek no more.  

On a side note, last week, or maybe the week before, Robert/3D of  Massive Attack posted on the Hoping Foundation, which assists Palestinian children.  One of their myspace 'friends' felt that "musicians should stay out of politics".  Get a grip guy.  
Should we leave politics to politicians?  
If so, why do we vote for them?  
I think our man has forgotten that they are our representatives.  
Okay, he isn't the only one that has forgotten this fact. 
We are all guilty of such, and have let politicians run amok.  
Anar-fucking-chy...or something different than this non-participatory couch potato politics.

Right, back to sports....

Emilliano Gómez is Hijo de la Cumbia, which translates as 'cumbia's son'.  Smile-generating upsteppin' movimientos estas aqui hombre....muy guapo.

The third contribution in today's program that has Dj/rupture's hand on it in some way is the mix from Spoek Mathambo of Sweat X.  Via his negrophonic blog, he posted a link to the mix.
Electro, hip hop, 4/4, dubstep and swathes of Detroit techno embrace each other in this mix.

From the Studio Rockers label  is The Widdler, outta New Jersey.

So there you have it for this week's radio blast.

Two further stations here in Tenerife ( and PlanetRadio) have got in touch this week regarding carrying the program, so finally we should have a decent internet/podcast facility happening as well as island-wide coverage through the traditional airwave/broadcast method.  More news on that as it happens.

For the moment, Ear Conditioning is available via Radio Norte 89.4FM Tenerife Norte
20h30 - 21h30 

  • El Hijo de la Cumbia / Intro (Soot)
  • El Hijo de la Cumbia / Soy (Soot)
  • The Widdler / Sensi Samurai (Studio Rockers)
  • Artist & Title Unknown dubstep thing
  • Jazz Steppa / Taylor Rain (Studio Rockers)
  • Spoek Mathambo - H.I.V.I.P. mix Dezemba Liazonz featuring Geeneus, Sidelele, Izinja, Durban Funk, DJ Skhokho
  • Filastine / Bitrate Sneers (Soot/Jarring Effects)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Palestinian childhood

I would tell him to come see out condition, our children, how they are left in classrooms, on the tile floor, no carpet, no food, no water, no electricity.

Is this life?  This is siege, this is the biggest siege, the greatest siege by Israel.
I would tell him look and see how we are living; we're left here, we don't get to play, we don't et to laugh, we don't get to learn, we don't get to see kids' shows.  I turn the TV on; all is see is funerals, shooting, death, war, tanks and invasion.

I don't find kids shows that I can pass time, learn from.  I don't find cartonns to play (sic), watch and pass time.  Everything is funerals and carrying martyrs and shooting.
We here, we don't have food, no water, no drinks, nothing.  We are left like beggars.
Look at the other people, how they play, have fun, and laugh.  We are under siege, nearly two years under siege. We don't get food or water; they have done nothing for us.  They did not even open the border crossings so food and other things can get in.

Friday, 16 January 2009

African Head Charge

What a joy to have seen and heard, and continue to be amazed by. 
Ladies and gentlemen.....

African Head Charge - God Is Great

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Alex Thompson / Channel 4 News (UK) and Israeli Prime Minister's Spokesman

US mainstream journalists wouldn't touch this with your dick.

Ear Conditioning Radio 13.01.09 / Adios Frat Boy

So the final Bush press conference took place this week.  How many Palestinian's didn't survive to see the event on Al-Jazeera TV?  How many Iraqi's didn't get the chance to witness GW say that not finding weapons of mass destruction was "a disappointment."  

Is that what is was, a disappointment?  
Which bit, exactly? 
Motherfuckin' dumb-smart-ass-war criminal-Guantanamo/Abu Ghraib/Afghanistan torturing son of a bitch called Betty-Kanye called ya-Cowboy Hero my ass, Crude Oil Texas Dude-Frat Boy-Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) rat bastard!

And then the "history will judge me correctly" bit.  When will that be exactly?  Will there be one solid point in the future that all historians will agree in the analysis of your presiduncy? 

And the people that you made history?  The innocents that were guilty of going to school, shopping or going to work, yet ended up shot, bombed, massacred, torn apart, abused and raped. 

Oh and to top it off, Tony Blair receives the Medal of Freedom from frat-boy this week.  What a just can't make this stuff up.  Tony Bliar, Middle East envoy....ha, what a joke.  There are no jokes for those in Gaza.  

See Media Lens for an insightful gander at the appeals for international action to halt further bloodshed.... 

As for sports....the following  program may contain scenes you may find distressing:  On the uplifting side we got Willanette Gospel Singers, from a choice album Life is a Problem, on Mississippi Records...(outta London!) Top quality gospel business, old raw style.

Mojo Nixon, ya gotta know about Mojo and Skid licked humour tumor infected shenanigans.  The singes and players behind 'She's Vibrator Dependent' and  'Debbie Gibson is Pregnant'.  You ain't heard that shit, you ain't lived son! 

What da hell ever happened to All Seeing I?  A couple off-beat 60's soul-lounge dub heavy things for Earth Records, the later getting picked up by a major label...then what?

Man dear, Hyperdub.  They got great big ears and a big love over there.  Hyperdub = qualitee.
Samiyam, Zomby, the latest Kode9 wax, a collaboration with LD, called Bad....glorious Detroitechno spacial thing.  Also courtesy of Hyperdub, King Midas Sound.  Had to have some more of this.  The KMart dropped of some b-sides, special mixes that didn't make it onto the official release.  Dabrye's mix...oh lord!

I've always loved that Detroit sound, I was hanging around Virgin Records back in '87-88, when the guys running a subsidary label, 10 Records, picked up on MayDay, Kevin Saunderson,
Juan Atkins and fellow heads from Detroit.  That shit was different, fresh....still is.  Anyway, good to hear it's influence.  It seeps out of Martyn's productions.  Thanks again to the KMart who built on the one 3024 wax that is 'Vancouver'.  His remix of Flyng Lotus is still got me propped up at night, luscious goods.

It's been swell....

Ear Conditioning 13.01.09
Radio Norte, Tenerife.

  • Lauryn Hill / Lost Ones - Instrumental (Ruffhouse)
  • Kenny Dope featuring Screechy Dan / Boomin' in ya Jeep - accap' (Freeze)
  • General Levy / True yer Body Good (Fashion)
  • DJ Food / Scratch yer Head (Ninja Tune)
  • All Seeing I / I Walk (Earth)
  • Willanette Gospel Singers / Pray On (Mississippi)
  • Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper / Legalize It (Enigma)
  • Parliament / Moonshine Heather (Invictus)
  • Mulatu Astatke / Ebo Lala (Soundway)
  • Asmaham / Aleik Sulat Allah (Club du disque Arabe)
  • Kuanga Nti Matu Kawa / Musique de Traqvail
  • King Midas Sound / One Ting - Dabrye Remix (Hyperdub)
  • SUAD / Epileptic - Martyn Remix 
  • Kode 9 vs. LD / Bad (Hyperdub)
  • Gaza report
  • SystemWide meets Muslimguaze (BSI)
  • Augusto Martelli / Drums and drums from the Il dio Serpente soundtrack (Cinevox)
  • De la Soul / Stakes is High (Tommy Boy)
  • Bushims / Eight years of quality gaffs although many people lost their lives because of him
  • Dr. Phibes and the House of Wax Equations / Marshmellow Madness (50 Seel St.)
Ear Conditioning is broadcast every Tuesday / todos martes 20h30 - 21h30 
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Friday, 2 January 2009

Favourites of 2008 / Looking to 2009

Our man, Dub Gabriel has a new blog up and running, and he's asked some of his friends to contribute with their favourite things of the year just past....
I'm not sure if I was too late with my list, as we've had the house in a state of construction, meaning a mountain of dust everywhere, and also have had visitors from afar, therefore been doing the tour guide thing.

I won't bore you do death with over-analysis of 2008, there's plenty of that going on in the blogsphere.

Fav's of 2000-ate
The Bug / London Zoo LP (NinjaTune)
Flying Lotus / L.A. EP 2 x 3 (Warp)
Songs of the Broken Hearted / Baghdad 1925-1929 (Honest Jons)
Kotchy / Sing What You Want - MRK1 Remix (Civil)
Zed Bias / The Cauldon featuring Jay Electronica and Ghost 1 (Sidestepper)
Orchestre Poly-Rhthmo de Cotonou / The Vodoun Effect (Analog Africa)
Gurzuf / Non-existent Cinema (Gurzuf)
King Midas Sound / One Ting - Dabrye Remix (Hyperdub)
DJ/rupture / Uproot (The Agriculture)
Akoya Afrobeat / B.F.B.F. [Panama]  (Afrobomb)
Womad Las Palmas 2008, which gave us Speed Caravan, Ba Cissoko, Paprika Balkanicus, Femi Kuti & The Positive Force, Tony Allen, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, DJ Mr. Benn.

Another new blog to check is from Filastine....Observations of the Beginning of the End of the World.  It's the place to keep tabs on his new album, Dirty Bomb, coming out on Soot.

More as it happens, wishing you the best beats for 2000 and nine.
Thanks to all singers, players, promoters, producers, dj's, radio personnel that do it for the love.  Also big shout to the folks that drop by Txola in La Laguna for a bi-weekly dose of the goodness.