Friday, 8 August 2008

Womad Las Palmas 2008

Here´s the initial line-up /Cartel artístico for this years Womad in Gran Canaria 6,7,8,9 de Noviembre.

Ba Cissoko (Guinea-Conakry)
Babylon Circus (Francia)
D.WattsRiot (Reino Unido)
Darga (Marruecos)
DJ Mr Benn (Reino Unido)
DJ Yoda (Reino Unido)
El Guincho (España)
El Tío Carlos (España)
Femi Kuti (Nigeria)
Mariem Hassan (Sáhara Occidental)
Siyaya (Zimbabue)
Speed Caravan (Francia)
The F.E.O.S. (España)
Tony Allen (Nigeria)
Tulsa (España)

Mmmm.....Tony Allen, Femi Kuti, El Guincho, DJ Yoda....I know of the rest are new to me, that´s what we love about Womad, always bringing something fresh to the scenario.

The festival is free, and if you are travelling within the Canary Islands, you can get ferry tickets at a reduced fare due as the days of the festival will be considered "C-days" as in Culture, hence they got some special deal going on with the airlines and ferry companies.

DJ Yoda

Monday, 4 August 2008

I´m an everliving gobstopper, suck me forever

El-P was on tour recently and his We Are All Going To Burn In Hell Megga Mixx2 was initially only available to those who attended the gigs. Now it´s up on the DefJux site, available as a free download, well, part of it has, in all fairness to those that shelled out ca$h for the original item.
The shit is hot as hell, no pun intended, dropped about 30minutes of it in last week´s program.
A friend recently played me a demo of something he´d put together. After a couple listens, I said, "check this, and you will get an idea of where you could go (in production terms) with your track."

Actually I only said the first part, then I don´t know what the fuck happened, but his CD got seriously stuck in the player, and I could not get it out so he could hear where I was coming from.

What El-P has does with a steel pan sample, turning it into something that would sit inside an Harlan Ellison narrative, is beyond me. Great.

I´m an everliving gobstopper, Suck me forever. El-P

Ear Conditioning / 29 July
El-P · We are all going to burn in hell megga mixx 2 (Definitive Jux)
Idris Muhammad · Wander from the Black Rhythm Revolution LP (BGP Records)
Exciting Voices · God´s Chillun
Jazmin Sullivan vs. The Moody Boyz
Roots Manuva · Again and Again / The Moody Boyz Refix
Stacey Pullen · Vertigo (Science)

This past weekend, Charlie Faber (Satelit3) , Isidro (Afrodisia) and myself turned the Txola into a sweatbox as the funk pored out of every available cell. Isidro is a serious collector of rare grooves. His box of 7´s contains the foundations of hip hop....and Charlie´s selection had me salivating too....they gots breaks for days....the kinda shit that would make DJ Premier, Pete Rock or Jay Dilla turn around to have a word or two. Charlie and I did a back to back session which spawned an idea for a Txola compilation. More news on that as it develops, talk is cheap.
Txola will be taking a well-deserved break during August, see you in September/October.

Womad Las Palmas, consistently one of the best festivals in the Canary Islands will be taking place in 6-9 November, and I have had the pleasure of being asked to do a couple sets. Womad´s Spanish producers will be going to press this Friday, so can´t say anymore than that, although this will be the second opportunity this year for people in this area to see the one and only............
More details next week.

A friend in the UK was at the recent Womad in Charlton Park, and reported of a food stall called
'Asian Grub Foundation'. Her "mate suggested 'The Dahl Foundation' and our favourite - 'Fun^Da^Lentil'."