Saturday, 15 September 2007

This week´s show happening to fall on Sept. 11th, hence the picture above, from Chile in memory of Salvador Allende. It was too easy to just blah blah blah on 9-11, for me, 9-11, as they call it, is being milked to death....uh, that was a shit pun! But it´s got enough coverage going for it, and i think it always will at this rate. So, the political content of the program contained contributions from Naomi Klein, and Robert Fisk. Clicking on the hot keys, about seven-eight words back will take you to the mini-site the Guardian newspaper has set up with Ms. Klein. Much information about her latest book, The Shock Doctrine is there, commentary on the business of war sitting alongside links to her articles for the Nation and video interviews.
The Fisk contributions have run previously on the program, but they are so damn good, they had to get another airing. He recalls witnessing what turned out to be the very first Hizbollah action, as a group of men took over an Israeli tank right before his eyes!

In trawling through the web a few hours before setting off to present the program from the Radio Pimienta studio´s i came across the news that The Roots bass man, The Hub has decided to move on after seventeen years at the helm. Seventeen years?! Damn, most folks ain´t even married for that long! His solo´s were jaw-dropping, from the first time i saw them in Roskilde ´94 or ´95, to most recently a month and a half ago at the Rogers Picnic in Toronto. He and the Roots are hip-hop but also beyond hip-hop, that´s why he (they) would pull shit from outta any musical genre and drop it, hard. Thanks Hub.

Felt is was time to get some more funk in the program, heads need to know about Funkadelic proper, never heard any P-Funk on Spanish radio in the two years i´ve been living here, and in the eight years i´d been coming here before the move. People have to know, so that´s my job. Also dug out The Meters and Defunkt for good measure.

Over at myspace world, Phobos3 got it touch this week.....the name drew me in for further investigation, and it turns out it was old friends Elixir, well, two thirds of them. Only the day before i was playing their Language collaboration with Endemic Void. Think Burt Bacarach, Hip Hop, lo-sci-fi, and your getting warm.

Mala of dmz was very kind in giving me plenty of records to grace the airwaves with. His latest dmz offering, Alicia is soulful dubstep, highlighting the potential of producers sitting high on the dubstep bassbin.....going further than the ´Wobble´phase that part of the scene is enamored with at the moment. Lush piano chords (and possibly guitar), organtastic movements propelled by a sub woofin´ entity.

Sometimes i ask myself "What ever happened to such and such producer, or group?" This week, Espionage filled that space. They-he-she released a track through Palm Pictures, and i think that was it. Purdy 4 President was a very fresh cover version on Eric B for President. Espionage had plenty talent...¿Que pas?

The Roots
/ Dilltastic Vol Won(derful) (DefJam)
The Roots / False Media (DefJam)
Asmahan / Aleik Salat Allah (Club du Disque Arabe)
Track 2 - Unknown Folk Music from Armenia / Mad Tunes from around the World (Metalanguage)
Tinawiren / Cler Achel · Water is Life (Independiente)
Indigeneous Resistance / Sacred Power Chanting Cree (IR)
Airto / Chicken in the Mind · Amon Tobin Remix (MELT)
Amit / Unholy (Commercial Suicide)
Kode 9 & The Spaceape / Curious feat. Ms Haptic (Hyperdub)

The Meters / Africa (Reprise)
Funkadelic/ Nappy Dugout…Cosmic Slop (Westbound 1973)
/ Butt-to-butt resuscitation…Tales of Kidd Funkadelic (Westbound)
/ Jimmy´s Got a little bit of bitch…(Westbound)
Sweat Band
(Bootsy´s Rubber Band) / Jamaicia ...Sweat Band LP (CBS)
/ For the Love of Money Thermonuclear Sweat (Hannibal)

Bakshi Javid Salamat Qawal vs. Fun-da-mental / Just Bubbling Live
Live Human / Improvisessions (Fat Cat)
Elixir / Alien Rainbow vs. Naomi Klein discussing the Iraqi Election, if you can call it that.
The Clash / Magnificent Dance vs. Robert Fisk talking on the birth of Hizbollah
Overtone / Give it Again · Inverse Cinematics Remix (Rosebud)
Espionage / Purdey 4 President (Palm Pitcures)

Mala-Digital Mystikz / Alicia (dmz)
Jah Wobble / Need you by my side (Virgin)
Unknown Artist / I Don´t Give a Dub (White)
Supercat vs. Method Man / Scalp Dem · Junglist Version (White)

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