Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Here´s the Record!

Got a bit of a turntablist/DJ thing going on this program, lashings of Rob Swift, DJ Disk, J-Zone. First came across Disk when Buckethead came to London for a promo trip to make heads aware of his latest album at the time. Disk was part of his band. With one deck, mixer and two guitar pedals he bedazzled the entire audience. The whole band rocked, a crazy ass in your face drummer, whose name i can´t remember unfortunately, and not like i need to say anything about Buckethead, playing intricate light-speed solos while doing maneouvres with nunchakas using his left hand.
Here´s Disk with Bill Laswell, Zakir Hussein and some other killer players doin´ it proper....

Javi dropped some of his extra Womex cd haul on me last week. Included was a collection of music from the Indian Ocean, courtesy of Takamba Records. The simplicity of a bell, and a voice set to an ear-invading rhythm on a tambour never fails.
Checked in with The Bug and he reports that his new album is one month away from completion, so should be dropping in next April. Artwork will be handled by Fefe....yep, wanna see it now don´t ya?! I hope he goes with the current choice for the title, it´s very apt. No, can´t say yet, however the singles, Jah War, Skeng, and now Poison Dart have been well received. Kode 9 played Poison Dart at the End earlier this year, and the crowd reaction was how you´d want it to be, over da top....caught us off-guard, glad for ya Kev´. Skream and Stereotyp are among the remixers for the Poison Dart effort. The Bug and Burial have also tackled Thom Yorke with respective remixes, which i believe came out yesterday.

Christmas time in the Canary Islands means truchas; sweet potato, flour, almonds, raisins, bit of liquor, and a lot of elbow grease mixing the ingredients, then fried. Another component is Lard.

Oh, the images....well a few years back Aki came back from a trip to Poland with a copy of Time magazine and it had the same photo in it. We immediately jacked it for theT-shirt, which when worn, and viewed by Farsi/Arabic-readers, they always ask if i know what the writing says.

Ear Conditioning Playlist / December 18 / Here´s The Record!

  • Here´s the record.....Intro
  • Mos Def · Tash · Q-Tip / Body Rock (Rawkus)
  • J-Zone / Catch 22
  • Stacey Pullen / Futuristicfreakqueen (Science)
  • Keith LeBlanc / You Drummers Listen Good (World)
  • DJ Disk / Holidisk Inn
  • Rob Swift / All that Scratchin is Making Me Rich (Asphodel)
  • Strata 3 / (It´s Not A) Man´s World (Bush)
  • Bomber Pilot speaks of dying with dignity, should his time come and being glad he´s not a ground soldier....(BBC Records)
  • SoftBalletForms · Jail of Freedom · Autechre remix (SSR)
  • ChainGang Song · WNEW´s Story of Selma (Folkways)
  • Lard / The Power of Lard (Alternative Tentacles)
  • Fun-da-mental / White Tongues (5 Uncivilized Tribes)
  • Ile Rodrigues / Mo mari ó (Takamba)
  • The Bug feat. FlowDan & Killa P / Skeng (Hyperdub)
  • Kode 9 and The Spaceape / Nine (Hyperdub)
  • Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson / Peace Go With You Brother · Wa-Alekum-Salaam (Strata East)
The Ear Conditioning program is dealt every Tuesday at 9pm on Radio Norte, 89.4FM Tenerife,
repeated at the same hour Saturday night.

I´ve thrown up a mix, Speaker Spazm, here if your interested or have the time. It´s got stuff like 2ndGen, FDM, Canarian comedy, Brazilian beats, Radiohead remixed by Fila Brazilia, Chávez on the mic, Grace Jones, Mutamassik, Blind Idiot God, Dr. Phibes and the House of Wax Equations, Massive Attack/Blur´d and so on. Clocks in at 42 mins, about 82mb.

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