Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Lord, help the poor and needy

Nice one Fidel, you made a lot of people proud of themselves by standing up to the man, and taking him on fair and square. An inspiration to millions in the Caribbean, South America, hell, the world over, much more of an inspiration than the Washington boys, no doubt! I just don´t get it with anti-Fidelistas....they go on about Cuba´s lack of this and lack of that, but never once question the so-called democracy that is supposed to exist in the land mass that is but 90 miles from Cuba. They never ever think that for 500 years, Cuba had never been allowed to run it´s own coarse. For 500 years, the French, Spanish, and Yanks ruled the roost and laid down the law. For the first time in 500 years, a Cuban, free of outside influence was at the head of the country. Think about it, your home being run by someone else for all that time. Think about it, then we´ll talk. The last track in today´s program is coincidentally very appropriate.

Fuckin´pussy ´oles! Who? The fucking Metropolitan Police Force of London, that´s who!
According to documents seen by the BBC, the police refused to arrest an Israeli general on a war crimes warrant because they feared an armed confrontation with Israeli security that were on the airplane that brought major general Doran Almog to the UK. Lawyers acting for Palestinian campaigners lobbied the Met Police to acto over allegations he had ordered the destruction in 2002 of more than 50 Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip.

This is the same police force that had no problem engaging their weapons against an unarmed man by the name of Jean Charles de Menezes or the countless people they have killed while in police custody.

The film Injustice looks at some of the families of people being killed at the hands of the police, and the families struggle to receive some kind of justice on behalf of their deceased brother, father, mother, sister, cousin. Whenever the director and producer of the film has tried to arrange screenings for the film in the UK, the venue, cinema has been threated with a court order by the Police.....something to do with libel.....fuckin´pussy´oles!

Now sports....we got all kinda tings going on in this weeks edition of Radio Freedom, newness from Cat Power, hardcore bass from Stereotyp, tag-team action from Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussein, percussion concussions from Nána Vasconcelos, a dash of cumbia, some of dat Radiohead thing, as well as Belgium´s best musical export, Think of One, who have a new album out very soon via Crammed. Kicking off the program.....a cut from The Best Belly Dance Album in the World 2!

Farrok Salama / Dalah (EMI Arabia)
Beat Conductor / Freeze (StonesThrow)
Think of One / Marrakesh II
Nána Vasconcelos / Balanca Rede (Island)
Lito Barrientes y su Orquesta / Cumbia en dos menor (Soundway)
Argonort / The Argonort
El-P / Truancy (Def Jux)
Stereotyp / My Sound (G-Stone)
The Bug / Poison Dart · Stereotyp Remix (Ninja Tune)
Company Flow / Lenorcism (Dummy Snacks)
Elixir & Endemic Void / Chronono (Eves/Language)
Madvillian / Raid (StonesThrow)
Radiohead / Jigsaw (XL)
Global Drum Project featuring Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussein / Funky Zena (Shout)
Cat Power / Lord Help the Poor and Needy (Matador)

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