Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dub, Instrumentals, Refixes and so on..

Ear Conditioning

This weeks program (May 6) was put together by 8 Islas Sistema Sonido. Sixty minutes of reggae, dancehall and such. I don´t have a tracklisting yet, but should it surface, I will share.
In the meanwhile, following is the playlist from last weeks (April 29) sonic adventure....lots of space with dub and instrumental versions flowing, a couple comedians thrown in to take the edge off, plus a handful of remixes.

For those who are new to Canarian music, I kicked off the program with Silbo Gomero, a language of whistling that people on the island of La Gomero use(d) to communicate with each other in the mountainous terrain. Words have been turned into an understandable whistle form...yes, amazing.

Speaking of Canarian music, well the El Guincho show here two weeks ago, caused enough ruptions on some of the online forums in Tenerife. There seem to be plenty haters here, people saying he..s all hype, but those that know, know that ain..t the truth. His concert was marred by rough monitor sound on-stage which threw him off course for a bit, but he pulled through, and had enough people shuffling and bobbing about. What killed me was people complaining about how repetitive or boring they found it.....while they were dancing. Methinks some people just like to complain for the sake of opening their mouth. I have been acting as a co-curator of the Clandestino Festival in Sweden, and really look forward to getting another dose in a few weeks....yep, one of the first things I proposed was the ..Guinch... His remix of Architecture in Helsinki is on the cumbia tip, which fits nicely with the following DJ Negro material that really been eating up. Oh, Blind Idiot God are back!


  • Iaso Sayo · Siete Estrellas (ZetaRecords)
  • Creation Rebel · Starship Africa / Space Movements 1 (On-U)
  • Richard Pryor · Africa (Warners)
  • African Head Charge · You Learn (On-U)
  • Jimmy´s Chant · DJ Tools (Indigenous Resistance)
  • Supersoul · So Real So True
  • Coki · The End (dmz)
  • Blind Idiot God · Major Key Dub (Enemy)
  • Kid 606 · Attitude (TigerBeat6)
  • Manolo Vieira · Economista (Clodmodel)
  • Sofa Surfers · Raffinere (Klein)
  • Tigerstyle · El Tiburon
  • Fun-da-mental · Red Light Tabla (Nation)
  • Amit · Swaztika (Commercial Suicide)
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan meets State Of Bengal (realworld)
  • Roots Manuva · Colossal Insight / Jamma Refix (Big Dada)
  • David Toop & John Zorn · Chen Pe I Pe / Ocean of Sound compilation (Virgin)
  • Thom Yorke · Harrowdown Hill / The Bug refix (XL)
  • Kode 9 + The SpaceApe · Konfusion (HyperDub)
  • Architecture in Helsinki · Like It Or Not / El Guincho Remix
  • DJ Negro · Cumbia Callejera
  • Reverend Wright · The Government Lied
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra · Pong Too / The Orb Remix
For more of the same and different, I will be playing once every two weeks at Txola, La Laguna, starting this Friday May 9th. If your in the area, say hello, I don´t bite....unless your name is Talvin Singh and yer gonna fuck with the record thats spinnin´.

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