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Alt Delete Esc / Ear Conditioning Playlist 26.06.07

Ear Conditioning Playlist
26 June 2007

Mary Anne Hobbs provided the link to bring Nettle´s Sonar performance to our ear. Abdel Hak (violin, banjo), Jen Jones (cello) and DJ /rupture´s brassic beats and swirling fx hosting the sounds of US soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan asking saying "Are we shooting people or what? I think this guy has a weapon."

Oh, did i mention Afghanistan?
Christian Parenti returned to the country to get more juice about what going on there. "The problem with the US is, they used Afghanistan as a stepping stone to get to Iraq, rushed the whole process and allowed the warlords to take over the government. The US-created Afghan government is a really pathetically corrupt kleptocracy where nothing gets down and most revenue is stolen, and this infuriates the people."

The Superjam with Led Zep bassist John Paul Jones, ?uestlove on drums and Ben Harper had to be served up...and oh, what a dish.

i can´t remember what led me to find Rodrigo y Gabriela, but i am grateful. Judging my their site, thousands have been snared by their fierce dedication to their craft. Metal heads doing flamenco.....uck me. Diablo rojo is an unbelievable piece of music, and when i think it´s just the two of them on guitar, no percussionist, the head rotates Linda Blair style.....goddamm it, i was hoping not to have the combination of letters that make up BLAIR in this week´s post as today the bastard with a T in front of them words resigns as the leader of the UK. War Crimes, war crimes, war crimes. No need for my thoughts on him apparently taking up the job of mediator in the Palestinian situ, ask the Palestinian´s what they think, that should be sufficient.

Anyway, the other hot find of this week was Buraka Som Sistema from Portugal who i first heard on the Babel program on rne (spanish national radio)..... Kuduro....think electro, carioca funk, breaks, block partys, sweat, grinding and yeah your there. Immediately after hearing them on the radio, i dove into net world to seek, but didn´t have any joy, ´cos i didn´t have the spelling right, but then was checking out Maga Bo´s blog and through there i found another jewel. Respect to Maga, who is on tour in europe right about now....need to link with that brother...Dr. Das already has done so on the remix tip.

Patti Smith....don´t know much about her really, or about horses, never the less, her rendition of Smells like Teen Spirit with it´s fingerpickin alt. folk vibe and her emotional vocal do the job superbly.

Moondog / Rabbit Hop (Astralwerks)
Miles Davis / Medley · Gemini · Double Image (CBS)
Patti Smith / Smells Like Teen Spirit (mp3)
Steven Lindsay / Monkey´s Gone to Heaven (mp3)
John Paul Jones, Ben Harper, ?uestlove / Dazed and Confused (mp3)

Konono No.1
/ Infuala Ndongo (Crammed)
Muslimgauze vs. The Rootsman / Beirut (Third Eye Music)
One Chip / Trinity Rise (Zora Lanson)
7th Thief feat. Nawazish Ali Khan / Title unknown (M.I.B.)
Swami / Nachna (Nation)
Dr. Das / The Alchemist (VU)
Dr. Das / Free Agent (VU)
Christian Parenti reports from Afghanistan (The Nation Magazine)

Cottonmouth Texas vs. Bill Hicks
/ Senseless Census · Decadent Dub Team remix
Buraka Som Sistema / Wawaba
Rodrigo y Gabriela / Diablo Rojo
Nettle at Sonar Festival 2007
Eskiboy / Levels (Eskibeat)

Queens of the Stone Age
/ Auto Pilot (interscope)
Rage against the Machine / Microphone Fiend (Sony)
Slug & El-P / Revolutions (Counterflow)
Prefuse 73 / 7" Message (Warp)
Ricky Ranking / Doogoo Machine (Banana Klan)
The Bug / Live and Learn (Rephlex)

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ripley said...

been dropping "yah" by Buraka Som Sistema with Petty for a minute now.

Some good, raw, minimal sounds. It's like I'm falling sideways into the house genre (sans cheese I think), as reinterpreted far away.