Tuesday, 10 July 2007

All meat, no fat.

Ear Conditioning 10.07.2007

No three minute hero´s here, well not for the first half hour of the program....four songs, 33 minutes, starting with the golden voice of Asmahan, followed by further beauty courtesy of Anuradha Paudwal . According to the info in the link, she accused the Mangeshkar sisters of indulging in monopoly. This outspoken nature at times landed her in trouble as the music directors of the industry feared to face the wrath of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle and they often avoided Anuradha Paudwal. Many a times Anuradha's songs were dubbed by Lata such as Main Teri Dushman (Nagina)...and here i was thinking that Lata was such a sweet lady!
The punk of Qawalli, Aziz Mian made an appearance last night too. Fun-da-mental performed with him and his group a couple times, including the memorable gig at Brent Town Hall, London. We did two tracks before the gig was pulled, because some people in the audience felt it was inappropriate that us noisy upstarts where sharing a stage with Aziz. Some in the audience shouted "Haram", which was strange considering they were pissed.

Nearly four years ago, an asshole deliberately hit me with his car, breaking my right leg and leaving me for dead. Consequently i wasn´t able to make it to the Peel Session recording of The Bug vs. SoundMurderer, and made do with tuning in. The Bug did pass on a digital copy which begged me for an airing /earing. The Bug stepped up to the plate with Ras Bogle, Warrior Queen and Mexican riding shotgunDigital violence, ragga / dancehaul / bury dem lyrics...serus bizniz.

The Dickheads of the Week Prize is shared by George W. for his consistent manner of saying Fuck You and Sr. Carlos Lugo, recipient of the prize for journalism here in Tenerife. The event was hosted at the Mare Nostrum Resort. Sr. Lugo won the prize (12,000 euros) for two articles in El Dia newspaper on Immigrants in the Canaries, how they aren´t really hungry, but are Muslims engaged in a silent conquest to take over. That ´lock up yer daughters-hysteria´shit never fails to work does it? People are fighting back however, and the recipient of the second place award has returned his prize. Voices of concern should direct their thougths and hit the following emails....these folks work at the hotel that hosted and presented the awards.

mnreservas@expogrupo.com; ehbreservas@expogrupo.com; comercialbcn@expogrupo.com; tcreservas@expogrupo.com; psreservas@expogrupo.com;

Asmahan / Aleik Salat Allah
Anuradha Paudwal / Mere Dost Hindustani from the film Shikari
Aziz Mian / Her Ghadi Iltija Nahin Hoti
Tinariwen / Matadjen Yinmixen

Animal vs. Buddy Rich / Drum Duel (The Muppet Show)
Buddy Rich/ Solo
Max Roach / For Big Sid (Atlantic)

Monaka / Full Metal
Horsepower Productions / Golden Nugget (Tempa)
Prince Fatty / Milk and Honey · Moody Boyz remix
Sound Murderer vs. The Bug / John Peel Session Nov. 2003 (BBC)
The Micronauts / CD3 Mix (Virgin Promo)
Scalper / Feed

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