Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ear Conditioning Radio 29.01.08

Job read about him somewhere; he told Javi; Javi told me. I listened, so I´mma telling you.
El Guincho. Originally from Gran Canaria, now a Barcelona resident, who may well be spending more time in airport terminals and foreign clubs soon enough....he´s got plenty love from a lot of people, the initial pressing of his album Alegranza has sold da fuck out, there ain´t even any promo copies left. A tropical breeze flows when El Guincho productions are connected to the speakers. Sample-based tunes that set the party alight. He´s got Canarian folkloric music in there in there, Brazilian vibes on a Naña Vasconcelos tip, doo-wop, Afrobeat guitar licks, Baul-esque rhythms, steel-pan sounds and more driving underneath his not-so-clear-vocals (that ain´t a dis....maybe my ears aren´t tuned into his pronounciation). He´s playing in Madrid the same day (Feb.9) myself and Tropico28 step to Madrid for a gig ourselves.....ahhhhh, piss me off! Pinchar aqui for an short interview Pablo/El Guincho did in English.

As previously mentioned here, DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadatek have formed an alliance under the name Dutty Artz, and the /r was courteous to provide some tasters of what is instore....77Klash with the legendary Johnny Osbourne, Cauto putting Barcelonian dubstep on the map with ´Bona Vida´.

Jay Electronica
"He´d ask the craziest questions."
"He´s one of the few artists that are willing to go all the way to the left."
"He´s a....I wouldn´t call him a person, ´cos he´s a weird looking an alien but in a beautiful way."

The above are quotes by Just Blaze and Erykah Badu taken from the Eternal Sunshine mix Mr. Electronica did that The Bug pointed out to me. Moody Boy Thorpe was talking about him too, so with those two telling me something, it´s gotta be check´d. The mix contains no beats, just heart-felt meloncholic chords, words and a few samples from films or TV programs that ring a bell but i can´t nail down.

Ear Conditioning / 29 January

  • El Guincho / Palmito Park (Discoteca Océana)
  • King L Man / Arando (Ear Con)
  • The Roots VS. Lata Mageshkar / In the Music (Ear Con Mix)
  • Elixir / Trapdoor to Another Life (Quatermass)
  • Unknown Artist / Ahl Al Aqil · Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 77 Klash feat. Johnny Osbourne / Mad Again (Dutty Artz)
  • Cauto / Bona Vida (Dutty Artz)
  • Buju Banton / People Kill People
  • The Bug / Poison Dart · DJ Baku refit (Ninja Tune)
  • Cotti / I Don´t Give A Dub (White)
  • Jeb Loy& The Oil Wells / Things that made the US (On-U Sounds)
  1. Foreward by Erykah Badu & Just Blaze
  2. Eternal Sunshine
  3. Because He Broke the Rules
  4. Voodoo Man
  5. Fyi
  • Mighty Zulu Nation vs. DMZ (Ear Con)

As for Suharto, good riddance you bastard!

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