Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Enviromental Impact Study

The Bug vs. D.WattsRiot Soundclash

There seems to be no shame in the way the power structure goes about it´s business.
Tony Blair is being touted as the new president of the EU.
Former Indonesian dictator, Suharto is reportedly close to death. Him, responsible with the likes of the US government during Gerald Ford´s term invaded East Timor in 1975, and killed a third of the population. With oil fields in the proximity, Austrailia turned it´s back on East Timor and the idea of human rights, even as Indonisian soldiers mutilated several members of the Australian media, and sucked on the tit of Texas Tea...oil that is, with Indonesia. Suharto reportedly skimmed between 15-35Billion dollars during his reign. As he lies in a hospital with machines running his system, even human rights groups are sending flowers to his bedside. It´s the fact that these %unts never have to account for their behaviour, never, no wonder our regards for politricians is at an all time low.....the ratings for Frat Boy, as the field-negro blog call GW is at 24%. Fuck ´im, and the whole cabal.

Onto the goodness, as mentioned a couple weeks back, when Kevin Martian came to visit, it was like old times in London, shooting the breeze over some ice-cream, cakes...and yes, tuneage. So today´s Ear Conditioning program (15.01.2008) was made up of selections from both our craniums, shelves, ipods and computa´s. One hell of an action-packed sixty minutes!

The repeat of the program goes out tonight at 9pm local time...89.4FM

Aziz Mian / Allahi Jane Kaun
DJ Krush & Mr. Lif / Nosferatu (Sony)
Cult of the 13th Hour / Wickedness (Soul Jazz)
Kode 9 / Stung (Soul Jazz)
DMZ / Thief in the Night (Soul Jazz)
Pinch / Chamber Dub (Soul Jazz)
The Bug / Jah War · Loefah Remix (Ninja Tune)
Baaba Mal / Call to Prayer
Burial /
Archangel (Hyperdub)
Vangelis / Blade Runner (mp3)
Mr. Scratch / Live (mp3)
Dutty Goodz / Take (mp3)
Dizzee Rascal / PussyOle (XL)
Ghislain Poirier meets Roots Manuva and The Clipse (mp3)
Roots Manuva / Witness the Fitness (Big Dada)
Hopha / Cake B (Immortal)
Caspa / DubWarz (Dub Police)
Thom Yorke / Harrowdown Hill · The Bug Remix (XL)
Sofa Surfers feat. DJ Collage / Passin´ (Klein)
The Moody Boyz / Dubland (Moody CD-r)
DigiDub feat. Helen McDonald / Obruumankwaa (Digidub CD-r)

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