Friday, 21 March 2008

Analog Africa

With a title like this, African Scream Contest, you know it has to be checked, immediately too, no time for messing around!
This is a little something to wash away the GW. Bush "everything thing is okay in Iraq, trust me!" blues.
´70´s raw psychedelic licks step forward and dominate the arena, a breeding ground of nasty funk, Africaaaan-style! The co-ordinator of this compilation has also put together a little mix for our pleasure, check out his Analog Africa blog page here. I really wish i had a copy for tonight´s session at Txola pub in La Laguna, but in due coarse. Expect me to drop the mix on next Tuesday´s radio program though. All the beats.

Oh, one other thing that´s been on my mind....this China/Tibet thing. The Chinese have admitted to using weapons against the demonstrators, " in self-defense." But their opponents are Buddhists for fuck sakes, they don´t even harm ants!

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