Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Eliot (Mess) Spitzer

Been knocked out for the last couple weeks with pneumonia....damn i didn´t know if i was coming or going for awhile.

So, what´s been going on....five years of mess in Iraq, Eliot (Mess) Spitzer, governor of NY has been found out to be spending his hard-earned ca$h with prostitutes, and the US government has bailed out predator mortgage lenders to the tune of $200 Billion dollars, and the whole world may do into a depression because we are so tied into the US economy! What fuckery eh?! Now, Greg Palast has a something to say about this whole Eliot Mess thing, and it´s definitely worth checking out. Palast was the one that broke the story about the voting irregularities in Florida in that infamous election that brought GWB onto the world stage...he knows his shit. I think he maybe the last investigative reporter in the US, hopefully not. Now follow this and make up your own mind.....but ask yourself "How come I didn´t hear anything about this?"

This Friday and Saturday i will be spinning at Txola in La Laguna....it´s more of a fumeria (a place to smoke) than a place to dance or what-have-you, but they went out and bought some decks so i can play the vinyl...isn´t that nice? I believe i´ll be hitting the decks from around midnight, so if yer in the area, and fancy a tune to go with your favourite brand of cancer stick, come on down.

Ear Conditioning Playlist 18.03.2008
Silbo Gomero
La Kemia · Aie from Bacelona Raval Sessions (K Industria)
Moondog · Oo debut (Astralwerks)
DJ/Rupture & DJ Collage · Rude Boy Talk (ShockOut)
Ghislain Poirier & Seba · L´Art de la Fellation (ShockOut)
Zed Bias & Jay Electronica · The Cauldron (mp3)
Charizma & Peanut Buter Wolf · My World Premiere (Stones Throw)
Lee ´Scratch´Perry Vs. The Moody Boyz (OnU Sound)
Vecchio · Megaton
Barry Adamson · Dead Heat (Mute)
Tech Level 2 & Wayne Lonesome (ShockOut)
Sofa Surfers & Mark Stewart · Home Truths (Klein/Leaf)
Seigen Ono · Look for an Afternoon (Virgin)

Ear Conditioning · Radio Norte/89.4FM Tenerife
Tuesdays 20h00, Repeated Saturday 21h00

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