Friday, 19 September 2008

Love is a piece of wax, about 7' inches wide.

Txola, home of my dj residency, closed down for the month of August, so i took the opportunity to get to London, and get some new tunes, and also get some tracks mixed, however a faulty hard drive kicked that idea to the margin, years of work now in limbo!

"But didn't you have your tracks backed up?"
That's what the hard drive was for!

So I've now been told by somebody that knows, Lacie hard drives, they have a good solid metal case, but the power supply unit is back-up the back-up.

Meanwhile i'm waiting for the postman to deliver the records that I bought at Rough Trade, Honest Jon's, Soul Jazz and Phonica record shops, I had way too much in the excess baggage department.   For the moment I am content with the 7"s that i managed to bring back....Cutty Ranks, Wareika Hill Sounds, J*Star, Junior Reid, MC Gringo/Toddla T remix, The Beatles on a Nyabinghi tip, Burro Banton, Cavaliers Unlimited and more,  all due for a lashing tonight at Txola, action kicks off at midnight.  

Ear Conditioning, as in the radio program, should also be returning next tuesday, so if your in the Tenerife area, tune in Radio Norte, 89.4FM at 20h00 (

More as it happens.

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