Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Return to the Airwaves

So, do you still think it's worthwhile putting your life savings in the hands of those on Wall Street?

Nevermind, as usual we had a mixed bag for the first program after the extended holiday break. As I mentioned in the previous post, Pedro, the man behind Txola, asked me if I heard of The Bug. Pedro, Pedro....you musta been too busy keeping the Txola clientele happy with the cervezas if you hadn't realized I play that shit every week!  Kevin, if your reading this, he wants to come back to Tenerife in December, and do a session.  Pedro knows he has to get  get bass-bins, and we know who to speak to about it.

While in Costa Rica for a couple weeks, I was able to get one CD. Actually that is a mistruth....that's what politicians call it innit?  When they say something that ain't correct?! 

We took a day trip over the border to Nicaragua, and it was there, in the city of Granada, that I was able to get my hands on some local tuneage, Marimba Tipica Nicaraguense con Los Mismos de Ticuantepe.  The music is very similar to what you find in the Pacific side of Costa Rica anyway.  On the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, Soca and Calypso infused rhythms run things.  
Gotta get back to CR as soon as possible.  It's name is very appropriate, believe.  Never seen so much fauna and flora.  Apparently they have over 2000 species of orchids!  We saw sloths, four species of monkeys, manta rays, turtles laying their eggs by the crate-load, tree-killing trees,tarantulas, pelicans, toucans, river flamingo's, the spectacular sight of lava flowing down the Arenal volcano at night, acres and acres of bananas and palm trees, snakes, crocodiles, caymans...it easily made up for only getting one cd.  Well, to be honest, before heading to Costa Rica, I set up the owners of Rough Trade, Soul Jazz, Honest Jon's and Phonica record shops in London for awhile...they were happy to see me after a year, "Oh, have you heard this?  How about this?"  Sons of bitches!

Ear Conditioning
Program Sept. 23/2008

Intro - The Original Broadcaster, Christopher Stone
Burial - 01 (Hyperdub)
Dub Colossos - Azmari Dub (RealWorld)
Dengue Fever - Oceans of Venus (RealWorld)
Riko Dan & Heatwave - Mind How You Talk (Heatwave)
MC Gringo - Alemao / Toddla T Remix (Man Recordings)
Cavaliers Unlimited - Soul Vein (Mississippi Records)
Marlene Shaw - Liberation Conversation (Cadet)
Los Mismos de Ticuantepe - Dona sapa
Fandango, Puede y Taraf - Granada (Producciones Alebrije)
MHV - Chroumous (Discos Konfort)
Jefferson Belt - Where's He At? (Round Trip Mars)
Cedric IM Brooks - Idleberg (Soul Jazz)
The Bug feat. The Spaceape - Fukkaz (NinjaTune)
The Bug feat. Ricky Ranking - Too Much Pain (Ninja Tune)
Unitone Hi-Fi - Up To Eleven (Round Trip Mars)
Incarnate - Blissed (Post Contemporary)
Burial - Untrue (Hyperdub)

Fandangdo, Puede y Taraf performing Granada

Ear Conditioning is transmitted on Tuesday evenings at Radio Norte, 89.4 at 20h30, and is now available online via www.radionorte.com

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