Thursday, 27 November 2008

Davey D interviews Rev. Jeremiah Wright

The good reverend, Jeremiah Wright, interviewed by Davey D at the State of the Black World Conference held in New Orleans last week.
Thanks to Hypestyle at the Public Enemy message board for leading the way.

This is the link to Davey D´s site, from where the Jeremiah Wright interview above was 
posted .

Whenever anybody asks me 'bout Obama aka  Oh Man!, I think of The Good Reverand, when explaining the context of his "God bless, God damn" sermon, and OhMan! seemingly distancing himself from Rev. Wright. The Good Rev. said "That he (Rev. Wright) is a religious man and talks as such, while Obama is a politician, and he has to says what a politician has to say."

My point being, have we just witnessed the best marketing campaign of 2008?  Noam Chomsky thinks so.  People do need a change, ain´t no doubt about that and let the moment be savoured, it´s been a long time coming, howeverrrrrrr.......
Rapper NYOil was also present during the interview. If you know him it could be due to his insight which from what I´ve heard is on it, in the socio-political-music along the lines of KRS, Chuck D, Prof. Griff, Dead Prez et al.  Speaking of the Oh-Man!, check out NYOil's 'Father Father', using Marvin Gaye's 'What's Goin' On?'  and an Oh-Man! speech about parenthood.

Jay Smooth´s video blog expresses two points of view on the election outcome, one being the mundane politcal moment and at the same time a symbolic event. Both are true however the work has only just begun, meaning that voting was the first part. The real work starts Jan.20th next year when the OhMan! steps into the White House in Chocolate City. People are gonna have to be doing their bit as change never came from up top, it´s the people on the ground that bring forth the goodness.

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