Friday, 2 January 2009

Favourites of 2008 / Looking to 2009

Our man, Dub Gabriel has a new blog up and running, and he's asked some of his friends to contribute with their favourite things of the year just past....
I'm not sure if I was too late with my list, as we've had the house in a state of construction, meaning a mountain of dust everywhere, and also have had visitors from afar, therefore been doing the tour guide thing.

I won't bore you do death with over-analysis of 2008, there's plenty of that going on in the blogsphere.

Fav's of 2000-ate
The Bug / London Zoo LP (NinjaTune)
Flying Lotus / L.A. EP 2 x 3 (Warp)
Songs of the Broken Hearted / Baghdad 1925-1929 (Honest Jons)
Kotchy / Sing What You Want - MRK1 Remix (Civil)
Zed Bias / The Cauldon featuring Jay Electronica and Ghost 1 (Sidestepper)
Orchestre Poly-Rhthmo de Cotonou / The Vodoun Effect (Analog Africa)
Gurzuf / Non-existent Cinema (Gurzuf)
King Midas Sound / One Ting - Dabrye Remix (Hyperdub)
DJ/rupture / Uproot (The Agriculture)
Akoya Afrobeat / B.F.B.F. [Panama]  (Afrobomb)
Womad Las Palmas 2008, which gave us Speed Caravan, Ba Cissoko, Paprika Balkanicus, Femi Kuti & The Positive Force, Tony Allen, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, DJ Mr. Benn.

Another new blog to check is from Filastine....Observations of the Beginning of the End of the World.  It's the place to keep tabs on his new album, Dirty Bomb, coming out on Soot.

More as it happens, wishing you the best beats for 2000 and nine.
Thanks to all singers, players, promoters, producers, dj's, radio personnel that do it for the love.  Also big shout to the folks that drop by Txola in La Laguna for a bi-weekly dose of the goodness.  

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