Monday, 24 March 2008

The Good Reverend

The Good Doctor Reverend J. Wright.
Every time i think "Pfft, pah religion", i think of the time i went to a ´Black´church in New York when i was about 13 years old. It was on! Whenever i think "Pfft, religion!" I think of gospel music, and it kinda sets me straight, if even for a minute or two.
When i heard The Good Doctor Reverend speak, i was raised, he hit the nail on the head, he makes people believe that there is something better for man, and ain´t that the point of religion? Dealing with the issues at hand, is one way to attempt to make things better, and i think what he´s been saying is along those lines, deal with your business properly, and you won´t get hurt. See for yourself, the video that Faux News and other mainstream media AIN´T playing. He´s just saying a truth that people want to ignore.

Other ´ignored news´ of the week, Iraq Veterans Against the War held an event last week called Winter Soldier. Veterans spoke frankly giving accounts of their experiences in Iraq. Not a pretty picture, no wonder the US mainsteam media has donated zero coverage time to this event.
Mike Hoffman, founder of IVAW said “Everyone wants this to be a good war so they can sleep at night. But guys like me know it’s not a good war. There’s no such thing as a good war.” More of Mike Hoffman and IVAW, here , courtesy of MotherJones magazine.

I´ve been listening to a lot of Aziz Mian this week. I´ve posted before about him as i´ve previously played his music on the radio program. Dropped one of his tunes during the dj set at Txola this past weekend, so i have to put up some links should anybody that was at the Txola be lookin´. Think of Aziz Mian as a rapper with gospel….an awesone poet.

Ay Allah, waiz ki bandagi hai jahannum ke khauf se
gunah kiye tujhe ghaffar samajh kar

The preacher is pious only because he’s terrified of hell, Lord.
Whereas me, I sinned freely, trusting in your mercy
(from Hashr Ke Roz Main Poochhunga)

One of my best experiences was seeing Aziz perform in a small town in Pakistan. Before my eyes i saw people become so entranced by Aziz´performance that only the quick thinking and actions of audience members saved the physical self of the entranced from crashing to the ground. The entranced were gone, their spirits residing on a different level than their physical self.

Kicked off the program this week with Singers and Players featuring Mikey (Dread at the Control) Dread, who passed away last week from a brain tumor, he was only 54 years old. I had the good fortune to be at an On-U Sound recording session when Mikey passed by, real friendly and no trace of ego at all. May his family be consoled by the knowledge that he is at peace now.

I dug out Grooverider, he´s serving four years in a Dubai jail because he had two spliffs worth in his pocket when he went there to DJ at the end of last year.

Thanks to Dani/El Shiva Azul for the cumbia contributions, including the mash-ups of cumbia versus Busta Rhymes and The Beasties.

Where the fuck is Imhotep? He was/is part of the legendary French rap group I AM. He released a Mahgreb inspired solo album Blue Print ages ago, and i was hoping for a follow-up, but it never happened.

Ear Conditioning 25.03 2008

Singers and Players featuring Ashanti Roy and Mikey Dread · Autobiography (On-U Sound)
Dennis Alcapone · DJ´s Choice (Trojan)
Prince Far I · Deck of Cards (Trojan)
Dub Syndicate · Shout It Out (On-U Sound)
Circus Klezmer · Freitog nokh´n tsimes (9é circ d´hivern)
Imhotep · Marble Mine (Source)
Institute of Dubology feat. Tuffhead & Squidly · Nova (Taste/Livestock)
Reverend Wright speaking the Truth
African Scream Contest Mix · Analog Africa
Lucas Luizao · Princess Gold (mp3)
Negromoreno · La Danza de Busta (mp3)
Mixter Pan · Beastie vs. Crucet (mp3)
Chain Gang Song (Folkways)
Grooverider · Where´s Jack the Ripper (HigherGround)
Iraq Veterans Against the War · Winter Soldier
Aziz Mian · Allah Hi Jane
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan · Sari Sari Raat Teri Yaad
Burial · Title unknown

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Friday, 21 March 2008

Analog Africa

With a title like this, African Scream Contest, you know it has to be checked, immediately too, no time for messing around!
This is a little something to wash away the GW. Bush "everything thing is okay in Iraq, trust me!" blues.
´70´s raw psychedelic licks step forward and dominate the arena, a breeding ground of nasty funk, Africaaaan-style! The co-ordinator of this compilation has also put together a little mix for our pleasure, check out his Analog Africa blog page here. I really wish i had a copy for tonight´s session at Txola pub in La Laguna, but in due coarse. Expect me to drop the mix on next Tuesday´s radio program though. All the beats.

Oh, one other thing that´s been on my mind....this China/Tibet thing. The Chinese have admitted to using weapons against the demonstrators, " in self-defense." But their opponents are Buddhists for fuck sakes, they don´t even harm ants!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Eliot (Mess) Spitzer

Been knocked out for the last couple weeks with pneumonia....damn i didn´t know if i was coming or going for awhile.

So, what´s been going on....five years of mess in Iraq, Eliot (Mess) Spitzer, governor of NY has been found out to be spending his hard-earned ca$h with prostitutes, and the US government has bailed out predator mortgage lenders to the tune of $200 Billion dollars, and the whole world may do into a depression because we are so tied into the US economy! What fuckery eh?! Now, Greg Palast has a something to say about this whole Eliot Mess thing, and it´s definitely worth checking out. Palast was the one that broke the story about the voting irregularities in Florida in that infamous election that brought GWB onto the world stage...he knows his shit. I think he maybe the last investigative reporter in the US, hopefully not. Now follow this and make up your own mind.....but ask yourself "How come I didn´t hear anything about this?"

This Friday and Saturday i will be spinning at Txola in La´s more of a fumeria (a place to smoke) than a place to dance or what-have-you, but they went out and bought some decks so i can play the vinyl...isn´t that nice? I believe i´ll be hitting the decks from around midnight, so if yer in the area, and fancy a tune to go with your favourite brand of cancer stick, come on down.

Ear Conditioning Playlist 18.03.2008
Silbo Gomero
La Kemia · Aie from Bacelona Raval Sessions (K Industria)
Moondog · Oo debut (Astralwerks)
DJ/Rupture & DJ Collage · Rude Boy Talk (ShockOut)
Ghislain Poirier & Seba · L´Art de la Fellation (ShockOut)
Zed Bias & Jay Electronica · The Cauldron (mp3)
Charizma & Peanut Buter Wolf · My World Premiere (Stones Throw)
Lee ´Scratch´Perry Vs. The Moody Boyz (OnU Sound)
Vecchio · Megaton
Barry Adamson · Dead Heat (Mute)
Tech Level 2 & Wayne Lonesome (ShockOut)
Sofa Surfers & Mark Stewart · Home Truths (Klein/Leaf)
Seigen Ono · Look for an Afternoon (Virgin)

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Thursday, 6 March 2008


The headlines today
Gunmen kills 7 at Jerusalem school;
Gunman kills 8 at Jerusalem school, ...."it was like a slaughterhouse."

Well, can you blame the gunman?
Yeah, but to shoot up a school, that´s not right!
Neither is bombing civilians, turning off their water and electricity, or killing their children.
Somebody somewhere does not want peace to become a reality.
Above artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff