Monday, 9 February 2009

It´s called Freestyle, but this style is expensive

Yes yes good people.
What´s the dilly?
Well, trying to maintain man, just trying to maintain, you know it´s the standard refrain.
Seriously though, the Ear Conditioning program will now be carried by the good folks at, based here in Tenerife.
As usual, the program goes out on Tuesday´s, the time, 22h00-23h00, we are in the same time zone as London, UK, if that helps. Finally Ear Conditioning will have a solid internet presence.

This week´s program starts with a short jaunt across the water to Senegal for some proper drumming courtesy of Doudou N´daiye Rose, the master drummer and his massive group.

I´ve been working over the past two weeks with Famille Bou Bess, three rappers from Senegal who survived the treacherous waters between Senegal and Tenerife. Also involved is Ventor, who people may know of through his work in Species, and also Dr. Luna, which contributes a percussion-concussion to the program with Pidele.  More on Famille Bou Bess as it happens.

Continuing on, we have new-ness from Filastine, El Hijo de la Cumbia, Dub1 and Sukh Knight.

Dub1 sent me his album last week, it´s in the family of Sherrif Lindo and the Hammer, African Head Charge. With me now? Good.

Also in the set, representing the unclassifiable we have  King Midas Sound, Kode 9 vs. LD and Martyn, who I can't get enough of at the moment, with his rerub of Shut Up and Dance's 'Epileptic'.

Did someone say "How 'bout some old school?"  
Okay, old joints from Fun´da´mental and the Trinidad Steel Drummers, which both have that carnaval spirit that is ramping up in these parts.

Ear Conditioning 10.02.2009
Doudou N´daiye Rose - Ligueyou Ndeye (Virgin France)
Dr. Luna - Pidele
Shut Up and Dance - Epileptic/Martyn´s No Strobe Remix
Kode 9 vs. LD - Bad (Hyperdub)
Dub1 - Formed against (cdr)
Robert Fisk - Arab Democracy
Sukh Knight - Knightlife
Filastine - To the Motherfucking East (Soot/Jarring Effects)
El Hijo de la Cumbia - Cumbia de los Barrios (Soot)
Afronaut & Son de Batey - Golpe (Bitasweet)
Trinidad Steel Drummers - Cissy Strutt (Mystic Brew)
Fun-da-mental - Mother India/Moody Boys Mela Remix (Nation)
King Midas Sound - One Ting/Dabrye Remix (Hyperdub)
Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos (Melankolic)
Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos Instrumental Melankolic)

Ear Conditioning
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