Wednesday, 24 January 2007

23 Enero 2007 Playlist

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This week DJ/Ruputre posted news of upcoming US shows by Vieux Farke Toure, the son of Ali Farke Toure
You can check out Vieux ripping some nasty African blues licks straight from his yard in Bamako, Mali. Courtesy of Modiba Productions.
The smile on his face is really warming and inviting, 100% bonafide, genuine. Check how tuning the guitar becomes part of the piece, awesome dude. For all you production heads,
there is an opportunity to download one of Vieux´songs for remixing and possible release on a remix project that is being planned for later this year.

What´s in the bag this week soundbwoy?
Wedding music from Rajasthan, brutal sonics from Mouse on Mars, pumelling rhythms from The Melvins, John Zorn reinterpreting Ennio Morricone, classic Egyptian melodies from Layla Mourad, another sneeky peek at the new Rjd2 effort soon to be released on XL.
Plus a 43minute mix under the banner Speaker Spazm.

Medeski, Martin and Wood / Big Time (Blue Note)
Manolo Viera / Cemento
Prakash Band /Aj Aj (Avant)
Layla Mourad / Sanatain Wana Aheyl Feek (VirginFrance)

The Melvins / Civilized Worm (Ipecac)
Benoit Pioulard / Together and Down (Kranky)
Mouse on Mars / Duul (Ipecac)
Ali Farke Toure / Yer Bounda (World Circuit)

Eardrum / Roach (Leaf)
Fathay Salama feat. DJ Mutamassik / Maqsoom (LDS)
Pixies / Planet of Sound (4AD)
John Zorn / Milano Odea (Nonesuch)
Primal Scream / Blood Money (Astralwerks)
Rjd2 / Get It (XL)

Speaker Spazm Mix
Buju Banton / Back a Wall
Prince Fatty / Fe Fi Fo Fum
Bounty Killer / title unavailable
Drain / Wendy will win
DJ LBR / Indian Vibration
Fun-da-mental / Ja Shataan
Badawi / Final Warning
Orchestra Nacional de Barbes / Poulina
Recycler / 2 Pints please
Radiohead and Jello Biafra
Buscovina Club vs. Taraf de Haidouks
No Smoking Orchestra / Unza unza time
Bugz in the Attic / Zombie
Digital Mystikz / Conference
Afronaught and Son de Batey / Carnaval
Konono No.1
Ini Kamoze
J-Star mashes up Ms. Dynamite
Jesse Belvin
Manolo Viera otro vez...

We now return to normal programming. Good night.

Thanks to Tommy Pop/Everlasting for being ´The Man´and supplying some goods, and to all singers, players and listeners.

Ear Conditioning, hosted by D.WattsRiot, going out on Radio Pimienta, 100.3FM, Tuesday 20h00 to 22h00
covering the north of Tenerife, and La Palma.
Repeated Saturday 24h00-02h00, ´cos the mofo´s are bored!

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