Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Este semana a Ear Conditioning / 16.01.2007

Beats were brought in to supply movement, melodies to sooth, lyrics to ponder...a mixed bag as usual.

Found some new gems for this week, such as Mos Def, who´se new album True Magic got the short thrift by being released 29 December, when most people weren´t looking. Not too sure what the label had in mind there, as they have recalled the album, and now plan for a proper release later this year...spring time I suppose. So if you were one of the 11,000 people that grabbed a copy on initial release, treasure it.

Mos´former label mate at Rawkus, Pharoahe Monche is about to release a new album also, and I was directed to his myspace page where he has a video for ´Gun draws´ available to view. In this track he takes on the persona of a bullet and delivers potent lyrics on the dangers of such. Go and seek as soon as possible, it´s a million miles in the other direction of 50pence, sorry...50 cent.

Other new joints this week come from Timeblind, who has now departed Europe and set up shop in NYC, !!! deliver a seven minute work from their new long player Myth Takes due out in March, and also Jesu, the latest project from Justin Broadrick, founder of Napalm Death and former partner of Ear Conditioning favourite Kevin ´The Bug´Martin in Techno Animal.

This week´s edition started with 100percent conscious business courtesy of Fantan Mojah, with an nyiabhingi inspired ode to Ras Tafari....while he gets back up from a selection from the Greensleeves album, Forward, Top singles from 1977-82. Yeah, Forward!

  • Fantan Mojah / Hail the King (DownSound)
  • EekAMouse / WaDoDem (Greensleeves)
  • Papa Michigan and General Smiley / Diseases (Greensleeves)
  • General Echo / Bathroom Sex (Greensleeves)
  • The Bug feat. Warrior Queen / Aktion Pak (Rephlex)

  • Venetian Snares / Find Candace (Hymen)
  • Charlie Watts / Jim Keltner The Elvin Suite - Coldcut Remix for Helen Dawn (CyberOctave)
  • FSOL / Papau New Guinea Dub (Jumpin´and Pumpin´)
  • Timeblind / Copycopy (mp3)

  • Pharoahe Monche / Gun Draws (mp3)
  • Mos Def / Napoleon Dynamite (Geffen)
  • Busdriver / Less Yes´s More No´s (mp3)
  • Hippaly / Hippanish Capriocho (Superego)
  • Rjd2 / You never had it so good (XL)

  • Req / The beat is thinking (Ultimate Dilemma)
  • Jesse Jackson / Something new is happening in America...(Stax)
  • Beirut / Elephant Gun (mp3)
  • Jesu / Conqueror (mp3)
  • !!! / Heart of hearts (Warp)
  • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry / Happy
  • Sand / Robins Wurl (Satellite)

  • Old Skull / Homeless (Restless)
  • Blind Idiot God / Wailing Wall (Enemy)
  • The Clash / What´s my name (CBS)
  • Bad Brains / Soul Craft (Caroline)
  • Saul Williams / Telegram (Witchita)
  • Mark Stewart / Revolution (cdr)

  • The Moody Boyz / Witness the day (cdr)
  • Burial / Exit wound (Hyperdub)
  • Excerpt from Heatwave mix CD

Thanks for the use of your loudspeakers.

Ear Conditioning is repeated Saturday night, 24h00, going out to the north of Tenerife and reaching La Palma when we have the right winds....and there has been plenty of that this week, believe!

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