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Ear Conditioning Tracklisting 09.012007

Ear Conditioning / Radio Pimienta, La Orotava, Tenerife.
Hosted by D.WattsRiot

The holiday season climaxed here (that is Spain, and it´s colonies) on Jan.6th...this represents the day that the three magic kings (or wise men) arrived at the place baby Jesus was chilling out with Mum and Dad.
Unlike in the UK for example, at least one of the three magic kings is a brother, a black man....called Baltazar. The kings represent their respective areas and races....yeah, I know there is only one race, but for the sake of argument, indulge me for a mo´ yeah. Now there has been a lot of news in these parts over the last year because of the ´illegal immigrants´, that is Africans seeking entry into Europe via the Canary Islands, which are about 100 miles from the Western Sahara coast. Right-wing newspaper rags have been raging and publishing scaremongering stories that have got the natives all hot and bothered....

What got under my skin at the local presentation of the arrival of the three magic kings was the fact that the man playing Baltazar was a throwback to the Al Jolson era, yep, he was blacked-up....more beiged-up anyway, children line up to see the kings, like kids line up to see Santa Claus in a North American shopping mall...and no wonder they are frightened of people of colour....the skin of Baltazar seems to come off when he shakes their hand gives them a hug or gives them a peck on the cheek. You´d think with ´all the Africans here´ that they could get a well paying gig for a couple weeks during the Christmas period performing as a King.

On the music tip, Canadian producer Ghislain Poirier sent a link to download his freshly crafted African Hip Hop mix, featuring joints from Tanzania, S. Africa, Senegal, Mauritania and Uganda.
Ghislain is a very friendly Montrealer and gave specific instructions that I must share this with you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, so here´s the link...

The Moody Boys (or is it Boyz?) have a new ep which I guess will be coming out in about two months or so....The lead track will be ´Witness the Day´. There was no way that The Moody Boyz, who were doing Deepstep before it was called DubStep was gonna let dBstep come and go without letting the yout dem know that they still have some tricks up their sleeves.
"All of you shall witness the day babylon will fall".

The lastest trip to London included a must stop at Soul Jazz Records with K.Mart, and they pointed me in the direction of Small Arms Fiya, among other things....great name, so had to have a listen to the ´Murderer´ 7" (1965records)

09.01.2007 Playlist
Musicians of the Nile ´Bitnadini Tani Lih´ (RealWorld)
Kokanko Sata ´Bi Ni Djugui´ (Honest Jons)
Doudou Ndiaye Rose ´Sidati Aidara (Virgin France)

Mártires del Compás.
Two tracks from their 10 Años de Mártires del Compás compilation. Sorry no titles as mi amigo Dani Medina brought the album over just as I was heading out the door for the radio station.

Darabouka held down tighter than a mosquito´s tweeter. Title unknown, but taken from his Oriental Bounce DJ mix.

Nettle ´Uncivili´ Remixed by Hrvatski
Sabu Martinez ´All Camels Hump

Ghislain Poirier ´Propaganda´ feat. Radioactive (Rebondir)
Ghislain Poirier´s African Hip Hop mix
37mph ´All in the name´
Tuks ´Clap´
Xplastaz ´Msimu Kwa Msimu´
Peter Miles ´Owango RMX´
Awadi ´Stoppez les criminels´ feat. Tiken Jah Fakoli
994 Crew ´Bad Boy´
Unathi ´Sgubhu Sam´
Abass ´Zibi zibi zaba´

Tricky ´The moment I feared´ (Island)
Rjd2 ´The Chicken bone circuit (DefJux)
Moody Boyz ´Nasty rockers´ (CD-r)

King L Man Dreadnaught mix featuring.....
Bunny General ´Kill a drumpan sound´
YT ´England Story´
Capleton ´Baghdad´
The Bug ´Live and learn´feat. Tikiman
Prince Fatty ´Fe Fi Fo´
Horace Andy ´Quiet Dub´
Skream ´Dutch Flowerz´
Small Arms Fiya ´Murderer´
Digidub/Fairshare Unity ´I Scream´
Prince Far I ´Shuffle and Deal´
Congo Natty ´Scalp dem´
Adrian Sherwood ´Silly old dub´

This edition was put together with the sound advice of KMart, Ghislain, Carl at Soul Jazz/London, Marc Murray, Sam Pulse and Ed It.

Ear Conditioning is broadcast every Tuesday 20h00-22h00 and repeated Saturday 24h00-02h00, Radio Pimienta 100.3, available in the north of Tenerife....
In keeping with the times, Radio P should be available online soon.

All the beats

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