Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I Can´t Live Without Ears Playlist 20.03.07

Damn, did some rain fall on Tenerife this past week.
Being a mountaineous region the torrent of water carried anything that wasn´t nailed down, towards the waiting sea. The coastline is now brown, the colour of mud, earth, soil, valuable soil.

Thoughtless construction has played it´s part as well. Before man came to this spot, nature had decided where rain water was going to travel once it hit the land, but man has come along and decided that he knows better, hence buildings are being erected on top of these channels or barancos, as they are known. Question, where is the rain supposed to go? Little mudslides are not uncommon, and it may only be a matter of time before the world is going to know about Tenerife, because news of a major mudslide that is going to be on the headlines for about ten minutes, then it will be back to normal celebrity runnings.

The intense rain knocked out transmission for about half of Tuesday´s program, but we kept rolling as the program is repeated on Saturday nights.

News of the week, Public Enemy are coming to Tenerife, playing about fifteen minutes from our spot.....hoping to get Chuck D, Griff, Flavor on the program for some knowledge. Holding tight!

Right, to this week´s tuneage.....ever heard of Welcome Nsomi? He be responsible for Umabatha, the Zulu theatrical version of Macbeth.....that´s right. You wanna hear that don´t ya? I did too, so I bought it right away, no hesitation.

Cris and Airtor (Tropico28) of Neith and Soco Project braved the elements and join me for half an hour of interview and presentation of four tracks from their two projects.

Samy Birnbach, aka DJ Morpheus, the man responsible for the quality compilations Freezone, , sent me a link to an interview he did with Jonty Skrufff He spoke about Minimal Compact, the group he formed in Amsterdam and also his latest compilation for TigerSushi. ´I Can´t Live Without My Radio´ featuring the likes of Age of Change, Heaven 17, 23 Skidoo, 400 Blows, The Residents and more, including World Domination Enterprises, which I threw in. For the interview

I can´t remember exactly when I first heard Sabu Martinez, but it was in Honest Jons record shop, Portobello Road. He was something wasn´t he?

Candidate for the best band name ever? Well, it´s gotta be Matt Johnson´s The The.....and the music is good too!

This week saw the release of the second solo album by one of my favourite producers, El-P....the album, brutally titled I´ll Sleep When Your Dead....hence another excuse to play some of his work....a remix by Cassettes Won´t Listen of his collaboration with Trent NIN Reznor, and El´s remix for TV on the Radio´s ´28 Hours´. Where is Zach man? Oh yeah, prepping the return of Rage Against the Machine. So in the meanwhile we have his collab´ with DJ Shadow. Cris and Aitor where still in the studio when I dropped this and it caught them like a Tyson uppercut, BAM!!!

Umabatha · The Zulu Macbeth (EMI)
Whitefield Brothers / Yakuba (Soul Fire)
Olatunji / Gin Go La Ba (CBS)
John Lurie / Are You Warm Enough · Taken from the Down by Law album (Crammed)

Os Mutantes / Cantor de Mambo (Luaka Bop)
Mustafa Ozkent / Silifke (Finders Keepers)
Earl Hines & His Orchestra / Sweet Ella May · Taken from That´s What I Call Sweet Music / American Dance Orchestras of the 1920´s Compiled and illustrated by Roger Crumb (Songbook)

Sabu Martinez / I Remember Carmen
Attica Blues / Free · Instrumental (Mo´Wax)
Max Roach / Drums Unlimited (Atlantic)
Photek / KJZ (Science)

DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo / The Way I Think (Genuine)
Ove Naxx / Wabisabi Violence (Soot)
Mark Stewart / Consume · The Program Mix courtesy of No-U Turn (Mute)
World Domination Enterprises / I Can´t Live Without My Radio (Product Inc./TigerSushi)

Theme from The Six Million Dollar Man (TVT)
Uptown Bollywood Nights · Bombay the Hard Way LP (Motel Records)
The The / Sweet Bird of Truth (Some Bizarre/Sony)
The The / Giant
(Some Bizarre/Sony)

´Neith´ and ´Soco Project´ Session featuring
Cris - vocalist
Aitor - producer
Cris and Aitor occupy the chairs and project their thoughts into the mics about their latest productions in Neith and Soco Project.

Zach de la Rocha · DJ Shadow / March of Death (mp3)
TV on the Radio / 28 Hours · El-P Remix (Interscope)
El-P feat. Trent Reznor / Flyentology · Cassettes Won´t Listen Remix (DefJux)
Mr. Scratch / 100% Vocals · Live on German TV (mp3)
Rjd2 / One Day (DefJux)

Ear Conditioning is repeated Saturday 24h00
Radio Pimienta 100.3FM

Fancy a live dose of this unpredictable bag, I´ll be playing at the OCA Festival in La Orotava, April 14 and at Proxmias en Santa Cruz, May 25, courtesy of the folks at Colectivo Drone. Don´t be shy, I don´t bite.....unless you have some gofio attatched to your wrist.

All the beats

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