Wednesday, 7 March 2007

ID Please

Ear Conditioning Playlist

The hand gently guided me in the direction of Checkpoint 303, a project formed by Palestinian sound catcher Yosh and Paris-based Tunisian MoCha. Their music is inspired by the sounds that surround millions in the Middle East. Screeching sounds of bullets that echo injustice, revolt, despair and sadness.
´Hawiya Dhay´a´ uses a sample recorded during a rally in Ramallah. The voice at the beginning announcing that somebody has lost their i.d. and drivers license....metaphorical "Fi hawiya dhay´a" (there is a lost i.d.) comes at you several times throughout.
The group opened the Massive Attack /Hoping Foundation shows last month in the UK

DJ/Rupture once again, posted for all visitors to an excellent slice of Middle Eastern musical brilliance with Asena, "a Turkish bellybancer with impeccable taste in backing musicians." In lieu of Radio Pimienta not being online yet, I´d suggest clicking on that red bit above and checking for yerself.

Martin Manxto, a friend from the Basque Country who I know from my time in the UK, sent me a package with a heap of goodies, including some that he sent me before, (thanks Martin, the library at Radio Pimienta appreciates the double copies!) Rude HiFi got an airing as did Zack de la Rocha´s ´Burn Hollywood Burn´, and two joints from Dam, who seem to be getting a lot of props at the moment, good for them!

Super cool John Lurie (Lounge Lizards) surfaced with his Marvin Pontiac project The liner notes to this project state that Marvin Pontiac died after being hit by a bus, although I am sure the guy I exchanged money with for this record said that it was just a gag. Regardless, the music, somebody once said you can´t write about music, you have to hear it. Right now, I don´t have the vocabulary to describe. Let´s go with ´Simple ditties, weighed down with lyrics by a man who´se vision was far from impaired but nonetheless, he was for a time, resident in an institution for the not so sane.´ He refused to have his photo taken, and only descretely taken two photos exist.

Since stating last year that "Hip hop is dead", Nas has stirred a debate that has seen anybody connected with the genre throwing in their two cents worth of opinion. I think I know what he mean´t but I will leave that for another time, but I had to dig out his classic first (I think!) joint...

Barry Adamson / Preface (Mute)
Marvin Pontiac / Small Car (strangeandbeautiful)
Mustafa Ozkent / Dolana (Finderskeepers)
El Jilguyero de Cienfuegoes / Amor, no soy el de antes (Sonora Cubana)
Los Tigres del Norte / Jefe de Jefes (cdr)
Orquesta de Julio Cuevas / Defiendete (Sonora Cubana)

Dam / Mukadine
Al Kassam / Al Filistini (Venture)
Dam / Ng´ayer burka · Change Tomorrow
Mr. Lif / Red October (mp3)
Mr. Lif and Cannibal Ox / Brothers Remix (DefJux)
Checkpoint 303 / Hawiya Dhay´a (mp3)
Asena / Warda (mp3)

Donna Summer / I Feel Love (Casablanca)
The Bug vs. Rootsman & Mexican / www · Kid606 Remix (Shockout)
Turbulence / Notorious (GhettoArc)
Living Colour / Hemp feat. Andy Fairley (Sony)
SeƱor Coconut / Home Computer (Multicolor)
Sensai vs. Cachete / Shelembeh (Main Squeeze)

Radar / Radar saves Tibet (Om)
DJ Ghetto / Ghetto on the cut (Bomb)
Nas / The World is Yours (Sony) · QTip remix
Peanut Butter Wolf & Madlib / Rawcore · from the Constant Elevation compilation (Astralwerks)
El-P / Day after the day after · Constant Elevation (Astralwerks)

The Cramps / TV Set (emi)
The Cramps / Human Fly (emi)
Barry Adamson / It´s business as usual (Mute)
Code Talker / A fistful of nerves (Flo)
Zack de la Rocha / Burn Hollywood Burn · feat. Chuck D, Black Thought, ?uestlove on the boards · from the Bamboozled soundtrack
Rude HiFi /Ezln in dub (Metak)
Consolidated / Murder One (Nettwerk)

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