Wednesday, 14 March 2007

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Ear Conditioning
Playlist 13.03.07

Fellow Radio Pimienta presenter MAD (Mextura2) introduced me to the work of a local horn player who recorded an album, A Canary man in Boston, so a piece from that album kicked off this week´s program.

The Jane´s Addiction selection is from a concert recording. The opening salvo is, I believe, a recording of African percussion during which the band take up their instruments and positions in
preparation for ´Up the Beach´. Imagine going to see JA and them having the Burundi drummers play first...yeah, now you get the idea.

Classic blues material staked it´s claim to a piece of the airwaves, featuring a selection from Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Howlin´Wolf. My man Skip McDonald of Tackhead/On U was on hand to back it up with a taste from his latest album, Stone Cold Ohio.

Last week found George W. in Latin America, "Our Nation has a vital interest in helping the young democracies in our neighborhood succeed. When our neighbors prosper, they create more vibrant markets for our goods and services. When our neighbors have a hopeful future in their own countries, they can find work at home and are less likely to migrate to our country illegally. And when our neighbors feel the blessings of liberty in their daily lives, the appeal of radicalism declines, and our hemisphere becomes more secure.

I ain´t sayin´ anything, just let him tell it, you are intelligent enough to think for yourself.

Whenever I play the Big Band RTS contribution from the Balkan Express album, I get that warm glow feeling, and a smile stretching from here to there. Macedonian Jazz interlocking with AfroCuban rhythms, 100% knockout punch! I was given this record on my first visit to Serbia in 2001, I was invited to play with the band Neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i resava stvar, or you can call them Sila, if you want. The name translates as ´The unexpected force that suddenly arrives and solves the thing´.....yes, I thought so of the best band names ever!
Getting back on track, Boris, the band´s engineer and sample maestro gave me the Balkan Express album, Jazz /Fusion gems from Yugoslavian vaults. I was told that the man that put the compilation together, Zeljko Kerleta,
basically saved a lot of jazz recordings from the old state TV/Radio station after the fall of the Yugoslavian regime. Imagine the BBC or TVE throwing out tapes upon tapes of recordings and you happen to pass a skip/rubbish container with all these tapes in them, what would you do? Saved!!!

Here goes....
Intro / The Original Broadcaster
Rene Gonzalez / Skunk No. 11 (Na)
Aatavu Chand / Dancing is Beautiful (Luaka Bop)
Natacha Atlas / Duden · Spooky Remix (Nation)
U-Cef feat. Damon Albarn / Stick (cdr)
Jane´s Addiction / Up the Beach · Live
The Melvins / Civilised Worm (Ipecac)

Bo Diddley / Bo Diddley (Chess)
Howlin´Wolf / Do the Do (Dejavu)
Muddy Waters / Hoochie Coochie Man (Chess)
Little Axe / Jive Talk (RealWorld)
African Head Charge / The Big Country (OnU Sound)

U Roy / African Message (Virgin)
U Roy / Natty don´t fear (Virgin)
African Simba / Read Up (Ayamba 7")
Lee ´Scratch´ Perry / Flames of the Dragon
George W. Bush / Radio message announcing his Latin American trip.

Panda One
/ Panda One meets Sly 99 (Counterflow)
Busdriver / Less Yes´s More No´s (-Anti)

Channel 4 (UK) news report of Iraqi beatings

Fumin´/ Doin´ it well (UD White´s)
Vision & The Riddle / Engineer
Beirut / Elephant Gun (mp3)
Rjd2 / Get It (mp3)
Wesley Willis Fiasco / The Frogs

Big Band RTS / Ne ga se prodavaj (Cosmic Sounds London)

Osama bin Laden
"If the forces of global evil have been unable to achieve their aims in a square mile of Tora Bora, against a small group of muhajedin, how can they achieve them against the Islamic world?"

Everliven Sound
/ Prophesize the Coming (Subverse)

Turbulence / Notorious (Ghetto Arc)
I Wayne / Living in Love (Ghetto Arc)
Richie Spice / Marijuana (Ghetto Arc)
Panda Bear / Comfy
Hugo Chavez / Democracia

We now return to the normal programming.

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