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Ear Conditioning 03 April 2007

Ear Conditioning Playlist
April 3, 2007

Accept no substitute

You sold weapons to Iraq, Great Britain
You sold your soul to America - the Devil, Great Britain
You haven't got no religion, Great Britain
Do you really believe in Jesus, Great Britain?
Thou shall not kill, Great Britain

from "Great Britain" by Scorzayzee

I am trying to play hip hop that does not denigrate the brotherhood by constantly referring to the N-word...but I missed a couple in the Dangermouse produced Grey Album feat. Jay-Z and The Beatles, apologies for that. Dug out the Like Water for Choclate LP from Common, and even that was littered chock full with da word...damn, a bit depressing as Common is supposed to be a brother that steps outside the usual boundaries of hip until I edit the track myself, it will have to stay on the shelf for now. His original name was Common Sense....uh?
I think we do have a responsibility as hip hop is a world wide thing, and it has got to a state where we can go to any country in the world now, and be called ´Nigga´....nah, not my cup of tea.
"Oh, your getting old!"
To that, I say, "Everybody is getting old, unless your dead!"

Finally got my hands on the self titled debut album from Vieux Farke Toure, and really into the sound of the calabash. One of the players on this album, Hassey Sarré performed with Afel Bocoum at last year´s Womad in Gran Canaria...and is well remembered for his smile which radiated throughout the venue for the entire concert.....and his playing of the njarka (spike fiddle) was not to be laughed at either.

I had one foot about to come into contact with the pavement outside Jumping Man Records the shop where I purchased the Farke Toure album, when Lupi the proprietor put on a piece of music that caused me to turn to ask who was? Stanton Moore was the reply. Never heard of him...until then. I happily passed some more money to Lupi. I wanted to ask him if he would present a session on Ear Conditioning, and he replied he too has a program, at a Radio Campus, which is part of the La Laguna university here in Tenerife...I´ll get him on one day though, maybe we can do an exchange, as our respective programs do not reach each others airwave space.

This coming weekend I will be DJ´ing at the OCA Festival, which is one of few events here that are not mafia run. Also on the bill.....Mini Market, Randal Graves (DJ Set), Tamgo, G´sus....(who used to work at the Rock City in Nottingham.....saw Ministry there yeah!!!!) Tamgo, Jeff Automatic and Harry S. Morgan to name a few. We are doing our thing at the Zona Kiu in La Orotava, so if yer in the area on Saturday April 14........

Public Enemy
are due to perform in Santa Cruz next week....I am not quite sure how the right-wing newspaper El Dia got involved as one of the sponors of the PE gig, as they do nothing but invent and publish lies about the immigration scenario regarding people coming from the African continent. I´d love to talk with Chuck about that, but it seems as if my requests for an interview with him have fallen on deaf ears, but I will continue to try. Has it been really been twenty years since I saw PE at Toronto´s Masonic Hall?

The day after PE perform, we will be returning to Santa Cruz for the Nick Cave solo concert. Does solo mean just him on his own? The word solo suggests as much, but I don´t think it will be just him. I´d like to experience Grinderman live. Please consider a return to these shores with your fellow Grinders, Mr. Cave. I always remember us passing each other on Portobello Road, London a few years back. Nick Cave, looked healthy, he had a tan, I´ll never forget it.....maybe I has this pre-concieved idea that he was paler than pale itself. Anyway what is important is his work, and it works.

Funkadelic / Funk gets stronger (WarnerBros.)
Dangermouse / Moment of Clarity from The Grey Album, Jay-Z meets The Beatles (mp3)
Scorzayzee / Great Britain (Out da Ville)
Murs & Z-Trip / We will rock you (Definitive Jux)

Vieux Farke Toure / Sangare (World Village)
Vieux Farke Toure / Tabara feat. Ali Farke Toure (World Village)
Circus Klezmer / Odessa Bulgarish (9é Circ d´Hivern)
Circus Klezmer / Belz (9é Circ d´Hivern)

Scott Ritter / Anti War (mp3)
"I call myself part of the anti-war movement even though I´m not a pacifist, I´m anti-war because I´ve been to war. War is the most horrible thing mankind can inflict on mankind because war is only about man killing man, that´s what it does. That´s what happens when you go to war."

/ Depth Charge Ethel (Mute)
Timezone feat. John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa / World Destruction (Virgin)
Grace Jones / Private Life Dub (Select Cuts)
The Art of Love / The Perfect Man read by Sally Dexter (Virgin)

Exclusive Mix Session by Audio Shrapnel
N.A.S.T.Y. Crew / In the Place
Taz / Can´t Contain Me
Krazy Baldhead / Revolution (Para One Remix)
Freddy Fresh / Smokin´
2Digital / That Fucking Bongo Track
Vex´d feat. Orifice & Dubbledge / Bollocks
Bonde Do Role / Melo Do Tabaco
Slimting Recordings feat. L.O.C. & Shizzle / Represent
Sound Revolution / Last Wave
Bird Peterson & Chris Vodka / Bumptard
Damian Marley / Jamrock (Poj Masta Remix)
Moody Boyz / Witness the Day

Mix Sesssion by DJ Hatcha
Tracklisting temporarily unavailable, sorry, but I do know that the ever dependable Kode 9, Loefah and Digital Mystikz were in the mix.

Stanton Moore / Poison Pushy (Telarc)
Unkle / Guns Blazing · Drums of Death Pt. 1 (Mo´Wax)
400 Blows vs. 23 Skidoo / F.U. GI (TigerSushi)
Samuel L. Jackson /"AK47" taken from the film Jackie Brown
"When you positively absolutely need to kill every motherfucker in the room.....accept no substitute."

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