Thursday, 19 April 2007

Post-OCA Festival Playlist · Ear Conditioning at Radio Pimienta

Last weekend we attended the OCA-Festival in the colonial town of La Orotava, and specifically in the Casa Lercaro, what a beautiful setting with a large garden and a cavern-like spot where I´d love to do something special. Friday was the launch party for the event, Randal Graves and G´sus supplied the sounds while others supplied the talk and liquids. I dj´d on the Saturday after the one called Jeff Automatic, who reminded me very much of Andrew Weatherall. As I was getting my records together, he would be telling me about the lyrics in the next tune he had lined up in his G5...."This one is about Aliens who come to earth, and ask ´What is woman?´ He also dropped some early New Order....Ceremony, I think....which I used to have, and is most probably still sitting in the basement of our house in Toronto, nearly 20 years later!

Time went pretty fast on Saturday, and it seemed as if it was only an hour after I started that organizer Carlos Robles gave me the five minute warning.....damn, I had at least three other tunes that had to be played before I retired for the night. Poison Idea´s version of the Go-go´s ´We Got the Beat´ had to be played...I promised Eddie Souzzo something hard and heavy, and the traditional Canarian song ´Punta del Hidalgo´ by Olga Ramos y Agrupacion, which Lee of DigiDub fame gave me just before I moved here. The last time I played ´Punta del Hidalgo´ in a club here, the thicknecked-nobrain security came up to me and said I wasn´t allowed to play that kind of music in their club. Well, that club no longer exists, and I´m still here, so they can sit on the middle finger and peddle. Big shout to those that made the party, from the bar staff, the organizers and crew, the people that paid good money to get in, the guests, and the new all made it gooooood!

I dropped an email to Le Volume Courbe as I came across her myspace page and she replied, saying that she has completed her new album and had a show in Glasgow we will have something new to look forward to very soon.

I felt the urge to dig out the first album from Dr. Phibes. For three musicians, they made a lot of noise....yeah, I know one person can on their own...however, indulge me for a sec´....they really turned their instruments inside out with what they delivered. I had the pleasure of working with these guys for their second album when they signed to Virgin Records, where I spent many a year. Their story had a tragic end on a personal note, but I hope Howard, the vocalist and guitarist has pulled through and a new chapter has been opened. Forward people!

More gems here than can be found in a deBeers gold mine......

Ear Conditioning
17 April 2007

Le Volume Courbe / Harmony (Honest Jons/Astralwerks)
Black Francis / What Happened to the Pong (4AD)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / She Said (Mute)

Asmahan / Yalli Hawak
Kinara / Abke na sawan barse (EMI India)
Indian Folk Music / Maharati

Curtis Mayfield / Pusherman (MCI)
Defunkt / Self Disclosure (Island)
African Head Charge / Positive Thoughts and Mind (OnU Sound)
Music from the Angolan Border / Women´s Initiation Song (Lyrichord)
Laventille Rhythm Section / Rhythm 1 (Honest Jons)

Dr. Phibes and the House of Wax Equations / Mr. Phatasy (50 Seel Street)
Dr. Phibes and the House of Wax Equations / Mirrors (50 Seel Street)
Bob Mould / Sunspots (Virgin US)
Grinderman / Go Tell the Women (Mute)
Public Image Ltd. / Careering (Virgin)

Inverse Cinematics / Seven by seven (Faces)
Overtone / Give it Again · Inverse Cinematics mix (Redbud)
Stereotyp / Jece Valadáo (Man)

The Roots / False Media (DefJam)
Public Enemy / Public Enemy No. 1 (DefJam)
Dalek / Antichristo (Ipecac)
Public Enemy / Brothers Gonna Work it Out (DefJam)
Basemental Platform / Gem wit Slugz
Daedelus / Fallen Love (Mush/Ninja Tunes)

Badawi / Enter the Heretic (Ashphodel)
Loefah / Bombay Squad (Reflex)

Photo courtesy of Miurihausen

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