Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Volume Curve

Ear Conditioning
April 9 2007

Le Volume Courbe
translates as ´the volume curve´ and is apparently inspired by the do-it-yourself ethos of Nico among others.....(I don´t know too much about Nico to be honest, apart from the obvious Warhol and Velvet connection, and then recently read that she was a racist bitch,,2034607,00.html) but I digress....the album, ´I Killed My Best Friend´ is a true original piece of work aided by the likes of Hope Sandoval, Kevin Shields and Keith Tenniswood. The opening track´s vocals sound as if they were recorded on my original cassette player that my mum gave me when I was ten years old.....and that is not a dis´. The vocals are countered by a melody reminiscent of a harpsichord. There is also a cinematic vibe to the album...I hope she is getting lots of people looking her way and copping this album. This is definitely a punk record-very experimental, bilingual vocals, heartbeats, tender guitar notes and more...go seek. It just hit me as I write, if you liked Tricky´s ´Aftermath´ etc. you´ll dig it.

Stretch Armstrong, the legendary NY hip hop DJ used to have a radio program with Bobbito in the 80´s and 90´s and he has digitalized thousands of demo´s that were sent in. I bagged the demo of MF Doom, which apparently was recorded while Doom was staying at Stretch´s apartment.
100% Hip Hop purity.

That´s enough blurbage from me this week. The playlist of yesterday is as follows......

One Flew Over the Cuckoo´s Nest Soundtrack / Act of Love & End Credits
TV on the Radio / Wash the day · Live at Amoeba Music (Amoeba/Interscope)
The Clash / Car Jamming (CBS)
Talking Heads / Crosseyed and Painless · Live (Sire)

Benoint Pioulard / Together and Down
Le Volume Courbe / Who are You? (Honest Jons/Astralwerks)
The Melvins / Civilized Worm (Ipecac)
Las Ratas / Know your Rights (Rebelde)

Sonny Rollins / Wail March (Blue Note)
Miles Davis / Little Church (CBS)

Sons of Arka feat. Prince Far I / Throw away your Gun · Live (Arka)
Jah Woosh / Woodpecker Sound (Trance/OnU)
Primal Scream / Wise Blood from Echo Deck · Remixes by Adrian Sherwood (Creation)

MF Doom / Elite Scooby Doo Shit (mpfree)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth / T.R.O.Y. (Elektra)
Saian Supa Crew / Ring My Bell (Source)
Tes La Rock / Upside
Dub Gabriel / Mash Out (myspace.comslashdubgabriel)
Sofa Surfers feat. MC Santana / Selling Souls · The Bug Remix (Klein)
Burial / Nite Train (Hyperdub)

Doudou N´Diaye Rose / Rose Rhythm (Virgin France)
Fun-da-mental / The Truth Commision from The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit/Nation)
The Roots feat. Dice Raw / Da Lesson Part 1 (Geffen)
Common / Funky for You (MCA)

Thanks to Errol at Astralwerks, Dub Gabriel, Javi Jiminez, Nacho, Twoey of Las Ratas, Stretch Armstrong, and the singers, players, DJ´s and producers.

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ripley said...

my imagination is not good enough to hear this in my head.. pity..

APropos of a few posts ago, I was at a film + panel discussion a week or so ago. the film was Byron Hurt's "Beyond Beats & Rhymes" which is about hip-hop and masculinity. A really good work.

and then I was sent this clip which is well worth the time and echoes your comments about a certain word: