Thursday, 4 October 2007

Keeping Real It American Dream

I am not really aware of the music and lyrics of David Banner....i´ve seen people i respect mention him....(file in memory bank until further notice) then i came across the following clip.
Master P, David Banner and Michael Eric Dyson at the US Congressional Hearings about Hip Hop.

Check this for more on Michael Eric Dyson. He to is new to my sphere, but he´s somebody to take note of for his insight and obvious commitment to bettering where we are. What he saying makes me think of Malcolm as a mover of people to greater heights. He checked misogyny good and proper.

Interesting for me to see Master P here, when i worked for Virgin Records i handled his No Limit label, which was hot as hell at the time. He definitely knew what he was doing. All his albums had the artwork for all the albums slated for the next year and a people knew what the album was gonna look like well in advance, smart cookie. No Limit could release a shit sandwich pressed onto cd and it woulda shipped half a million. He once came over to Europe, accompanying his son, Lil Romeo who had an album out. I found P to be a complete dickhead, throwing his weight around, threatening me with a beatdown from him and his crew....not that he would have needed them, P´s six feet three-four, former basketball player size. The Priority label rep, that also came with P and Romeo didn´t fare much better, he had her in tears on a few occasions. Post-Imus, he wants to put out ´clean´records and take responsibility for what he does. I can´t totally take his senate hearing appearance seriously because of clouded judgment from my dealings with him, which is unfair, i admit. He apparently started his label with the money from an inheritance, well, that was the official story, but a former colleague based in the US kicked that one clearly to the curb in no uncertain terms. Former gangster going legit, that´s how he funded No Limit, and he did very well. But that is the American story, or one of them anyhow. He´s a Jimmy Cagney character, that had a father and a father before him. American breed´s certain ism´s and the media, politicians appear surprised when it comes to bite them on the ass. What a way to spend the day.

Everything David Banner and Master P say when it comes to the conditions of which they speak sit barely 15 minutes drive from the White House and Capitol Hill, and the sentators and representatives on the panel have no idea or avoid caring about their needy that live in the Chocolate Cities.

What´s on the table? Racism, Poor-Inefficient housing, unemployment, crime, historical neglect, oppressive police tactics, and the American Dream, Capitalism.
Loved it when David Banner compares himself to the author Stephen´ll get the picture.


AudioShrapnel said...

Look, I know I'm a month late with this but that's how I roll(!)
This is an awesome clip-totally agree with you on all points, particularly those regarding ol' Percy. Rap music as it is can never be understood because those making it don't even understand the implications of shit they are saying on their own record. 10 points to David Banner for speaking up but that old "we're just musicians" argument don't wash. Yeah, what instruments do you play then?
Ah, I can't put it any better than Chris Rock who, as usual, already covered this subject perfectly:

d.wattsriot said...

Tried the Chris Rock link, but the video has been removed. Used a clip awhile back where he talks about being tired of defending hip hop...."It´s hard to defend it when there are lyrics like ´I got ho´s in 10 different area codes´." Will dig out the session, as i used for the El-P spesh after i got the album from your ends.
Your right about David Banner´s cop-out, although those people he was talking to, that work in Washington are in Chocolate City, but don´t wanna go there, in more than one sense of the phrase.