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Our man in Aotearoa - Beatal - 09.10 Playlist

Who is that man? People have been asking since putting up the picture above here and here

The news of a recent police raid in Aotearoa (commonly known as New Zealand) drifted past me, then i thought about it and checked a bit more....
When Fun-da-mental first visited that country for the Big Day Out festival we were warmly embraced by DTL, his brother George Nuku, Stinky Jim, bFM Radio, and Tame Iti, to name a few.

Tame Iti is a major component keeping Maori issues at a forefront. His actions within the community have done much to rile the Paekhi (white) establishment, but first and foremost maintain a level of pride and knowledge within a community/people that have been on the receiving end of the worst that can be heaped on a people.
We were told that he attempted to directed his people away from in-fighting that came to the world´s attention through the film Once Were Warriors - Your brother is not your enemy, the enemy you should be directing your energy towards is over there, sitting pretty.

On one occasion he bared his buttcheeks as the Queen Lizbeth gave a speech in his neighbourhood. The Maori affinity with the land is no joke, and is something that either the Paekhi don´t, won´t, never will care to understand, or they believe that it is their divine right to be champions of ´uckery and feel that the world is theirs for the taking.

When Maori are born, the placenta is buried in the ground, reinforcing their connection with the Earth. To have the head of the British Empire come down and give blah blah to the willing ears is an assault too much for those that matter.

I asked a friend there what the scenario is like at the moment, and he described it as "odd, the cops have rightly had a ton of shit of late so its well strange that they've gone on some kind of activist roundup which is what it looks like...but if theres only a few firearms charges i suspect shit will go down majorly. There's a lot of talk but NO politicians (bar one fruitcake) have said a word, which is again odd."

Resistencia del Pueblo Tuhoe

Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe

Tame Iti / Open Project

George Nuku / Moko

You can also check an interview with George Nuku here.

Beatal / Radio Pimienta
Saturday past, (20.10) we folks at Radio Pimienta opened the doors to all and tried an early Saturday evening thing with live broadcasting of sets by Dab Maia, BFunk and Eddie Souzzo, as well as MAD, host of the Mextura2 program and myself. High grade musical joints covering the Global beats, Afro-beaks, Jazz jumpers and Ecletic sounds swirled in the air among new and old friends. We definitely have some quality selectors here, despite the deluge of punchy-punchy house that gets played in 99% of the venues here in Tenerife. Look out for more events of this nature should you be in Tenerife.

The radio gig of October 9th fell on the 40th anniversary of the death of Ernesto Guevara, so grabbed a few tunes with revolution in mind....which actually is normal for my sets, but you get the idea should you read on, or be an irregular listener to the program.

Ear Conditioning
Playlist 09.10.2007

Grounation / Bongo Man
Thomas Mapfumo / Handinbotya · I´m not afraid (Real World)
Joe Strummer / Filibustero · Walker Soundtrack (Virgin)
Ernesto ´Che´ Guevara addresses the UN General Assembly
Fela Kuti / Water got no Enemy
Noam Chomsky / On Terrorism
Dead prez / I´m a African (Sony)

Sizzla / No time fe gaze (Greensleeves)
Dam / Mukadime (Red circle Music)
Company Flow / Patriotism (Rawkus)
Public Enemy / Rebel Without a Pause (DefJam)
The Clash / Washington Bullets (CBS)
BAD SoundSystem / D ke sirve el dub (Sustraies Blai)
The Selector / Celebrate the Bullet (Chrysalis)
The Clash / Let´s go Crazy (CBS)
Fermin Muruguza / Nazio ibiltaria naiz (Metak)
Darando / Let me people go
Herbie Hancock / The Prisoner
Radar / Radar saves Tibet
The The / Sweet Bird of Truth (CBS)
Amit / Swaztika (Commercial Suicide)

Culture Club feat. Captain Crucial / Murder Rap Trap (Virgin)
Mad Tune / Darker Dub
Vivian Jackson / Revenge (Prophet)
Shitmat / Shopliftin´ Gabba (Planet Mu)
The Bug feat. Killa P & FlowDan / Skeng · Kode 9 Remix (Hyperdub)
Carlos Puebla y sus Tradicionales / Hasta Siempre

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Anonymous said...

Pakeha (correct spelling) shouldn't be generalized as people who "can't, won't or don't" understand Maori affinity to the land. You should understand that whilst there are still some tensions and unresolved issues between Maori and Pakeha, many Pakeha have been here for several generations and are now naturalized. And by that I mean that many Pakeha are sympathetic to the Maori cause and see them as brothers, countrymen and whanau who should get a fair deal.