Tuesday, 30 October 2007

More has come

Following on from the recent post about the Maori Resistance, pinch here
for The Guardian´s take on events, which appeared today.

Much thanks to all those that came out to Espacio La Casa in La Orotava and supported Beatal, our little fiesta for Radio Pimienta, which was naturally broadcast live. Those present or tuned in, witnessed some cracking tunes covering a Global Flow from Dab Maia, jazzed-up flavours from Eddie Souzzo, choice breakbeats from BFunk!, and MAD delivering the dancehall, drum an´ bass steppers. During everyone´s set i was pestering them, "What is this, who is this?" That´s says it all.

Just jammin´ with BerroFunk at Beatal /Radio Pimienta.

To the gente that came out the following week for the open-air rain-soaked fiesta that was part of the Festival de Cortos, also in La Orotava, nice one for staying right to the end despite the rain and cool temperatures. Thanks to G´sus for putting in the good word.

A good friend as hooked me up with a shepherd who added some vocals and bells to the Arando track that i´ve got up on myspace. I´ve just given a rough version to Tacorontesemueve for their YouTube video centered around the Nov. 24 manifestacĂ­on regarding the destruction of homes and land which is running at a fast pace. Should be up and running from tomorrow.

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