Sunday, 25 January 2009

Palestinian childhood

I would tell him to come see out condition, our children, how they are left in classrooms, on the tile floor, no carpet, no food, no water, no electricity.

Is this life?  This is siege, this is the biggest siege, the greatest siege by Israel.
I would tell him look and see how we are living; we're left here, we don't get to play, we don't et to laugh, we don't get to learn, we don't get to see kids' shows.  I turn the TV on; all is see is funerals, shooting, death, war, tanks and invasion.

I don't find kids shows that I can pass time, learn from.  I don't find cartonns to play (sic), watch and pass time.  Everything is funerals and carrying martyrs and shooting.
We here, we don't have food, no water, no drinks, nothing.  We are left like beggars.
Look at the other people, how they play, have fun, and laugh.  We are under siege, nearly two years under siege. We don't get food or water; they have done nothing for us.  They did not even open the border crossings so food and other things can get in.

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