Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Charles Holgate / MC Run with yer Money

There's a new MC in town.....used to be known as MC Nomad, but now called MC Run-with- yer-money!

Checked in with our man DJ/Rupture over at Mudd Up! an hour ago, and bam, one heavy post about Charles Holgate, who was hired to do publicity for the Uproot album in the UK.  

Uproot was a damn fine project that /Rupture mixed for the Agriculture label.  (I had it on this morning, well, yesterday morning)

Turns out Charles Holgate took the money and ran, neglecting to give updates on progress/or lack of, to /Rupture or the label.  Finally after six months he came with some lame excuse about not getting any press, while taking credit for the review that appeared on Pitchfork.

Having worked in press and publicity, I know the game, and he definitely played by his own rules,  thinking that he would get away with it because his client was based in the US, thousands of miles from his London base.  

Just check the link above and read for yerself, should you be interested. 

Charles sucks big time.

I'm sure there's gonna be an update to this.  

This scenario reminds me of when I played at the Aguaviva Festival last year.   When the time came for me to get paid, the booker Alby at La LuciĆ©rnaga Producciones avoided my calls and texts like the plague.  Just heard a couple days ago that they went bust.  Fuck you!  
Although, they'll most probably change their name and resurface again.

ps. Charles, you need to update your LinkedIn page, it still says Head of Press at Zzzonked, when you clearly left there over six months ago.  Also, don't forget to add Teef.

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