Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Smell of Carnaval

Greetings from Carnaval-drunk Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  The fiesta that is Carnaval in Santa Cruz is coming to an end, mind you,only to spring up in other parts of the island.  Santa Cruz is the biggest open toilet at this time.  While moving to the battling sounds of murga's in one earhole and DJ El Killo  in the other, the stench of a weekend of us pissing on any available space took over...goddam!

Some amazing costumes were to be witnessed however.  
The best for my eyes was the guy with a sheep attached to mid-riff as if he was giving the sheep his manhood from behind.  The surprised expression via the sheep's eyes gave the costume it's crowning glory.  The other top costume was a mobile replica of a swimming pool, complete with two live-action synchronized swimmers. 

This week's program doesn't reflect Carnaval at all, not one iota...sorry, sick of hearing Salsa!

It's a bit loaded with El-P/Co.Flo material for some reason.  I had to play 'Fuck the Law' from the WeAreAllGoingToBurnInHellMeggaMixx2 release 'cos of the killa line:
"My god they got a child convinced with a lie that he'll die honorably"

Former Co.Flow deckwizard, Mr. Len also shows up behind the boards for Kice of Course.

Speaking of  'of course'...of course I had to check out the link to Nickelus F track featuring Portishead.  Well, it's not featuring, he raps over a couple of their tracks....Cowboys and Roads.

For awhile I had a habit of listening to  Nubian Minds' "Black Science" as a wind down to the sonic day.  It has the some of the same subtle Techno sensibilities that Martyn is running ahead with at the moment.

Hey, where the females at?

Sorry for the lack of representation ladies....step forward Voice.  Over a piano laden jazz step of a beat, Voice brings humour and wit to the situation of a rapper trying to make ends meet.

When I found the Nickelus F track over at, I also found this gem, Alex the fourteen year old beatboxer....which 12million views on youtube,  everybody 'cept me musta seen this by now, nonetheless, it's brill'.

Ear Conditioning 03 March 2009
  • King Midas Sound / Lost - Flying Lotus Remix  (Hyperdub)
  • Company Flow / No Locks (Rawkus)
  • Nickelus F / Cowboys featuring Portishead (mp3)
  • Kice of Course / Like Smack (Dummy Smacks)
  • Self Scientific vs. Linton Kwesi Johnson / Degrees of Bass Culture 
  • IQ Productions vs. Kope  (Banana Klan)
  • J-Zone / No Consequences feat. Huggy Bear (Old Maid)
  • Ice / Trapped in Three Dimensions - El-P Remix (Morpheus)
  • El-P / Fuck the Law (Definitive Jux)
  • Voice / Mediocre (Public Transit)
  • Freeform Arkestra/ Freeform Theme (Straight Ahead)
  • LV vs. Dandelion / Takeover Dub (Hyperdub)
  • Jazzsteppa / Taylor Rain (Studio Rockers)
  • Ize / Tronka di Mundo
  • King L Man with Grenouille/ Mariposa  (Ear Conditioning)
  • Wesley Willis / The Frogs (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • Nubian Minds / Black Science - Restless Soul Remix (Archive)

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