Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ear Conditioning / Substance Abuse

The sports desk presents another edition of all manner of sound.  From the luscious horns and and keyboard work that carry Diplo's  'Sarah'  to the onehundreadpercent roots of Fe Mi Time.
I came across South African Dudu Pukwana during my time at Virgin Records.  They distributed the Trevor Herman label that was/is Earthworks.   Great label Earthworks.  Also from South Africa is the contribution from Jonny & Sipho, from the Rhythm of Resistance album.

There's been quite a build-up in the UK press about the forthcoming reunion/30th Anniversary tour by The Specials.  It's been a bit ugly though as the band founder/leader Jerry Dammers is not part of the tour.  Something not quite right here.  I saw a raving review of his latest project the Spatial AKA Orchestra last week and that put a smile on my face.  Kevin Martin told me that Dammers had invited The SpaceApe to do a version of Ghost Town, would love to have seen that.  I always thought the Special AKA album, In the Studio was fantastic.  

Is it really almost twenty years ago that Jane's Addiction played the Marquee venue in London?

  • Sonny Boy Williamson / Let your conscience be your guide (Chess)
  • Jonny & Sipho / Inkunzi Ayi Hlabi Ngokusima (Earthworks/Virgin America)
  • Fe Mi Time All Stars / Black Rights  (Pressure Sounds)
  • The Specials / Long Shot Kick The Bucket / Liquidator / Skinhead Moonstop - The Peel           Sessions (BBC/EMI)
  • Asha Bosle,  Shabir Kumar &  Chorus / Mujhe Dulhe Ka Sehra Gane Do (Music India)
  • Saul Williams / PG (Witchita)
  • Jane's Addiction / Of Course (Warners)
  • Dudu Pukwana / Bayoli (Earthworks)
  • Flying Lotus / Golden Diva  (Warp)
  • Akazéhé / Par deux jeunes filles  (Ocora/Radio France)
  • 2562 / Channel Two  (Multiverse/Tectonic)
  • Richard Pryor / Africa  (Warner Brothers)
  • Diplo / Sarah (Big Dada)
  • Tracelements / Noisy  featuring Scalper
  • Tracelements vs. D.WattsRiot / Ear To the Wall Version
  • The Special AKA / Alcohol - The Peel Sessions (BBC/EMI)
  • Living Colour / Hemp featuring Andy Farley (CBS)
  • Buddah Music / Loop 05 xi (mp3)
There you have it.

This edition of Ear Conditioning will be broadcast tonight in Tenerife via 
Radio Norte 89.4FM at 20h30, 
then it'll be available via Sunhole at 22h00.
I'll make the podcast available tomorrow, here.  

Simone at Lagenda here in Tenerife has asked for a little 15-20minute mix to go on their website/forum, and that should surface soon, along with some mixes from fellow Sunholers, LastOne and Tanin, I think Simone is going to do a mix also, hope so.  Lagenda have been very supportive of my endeavours, much thanks.

Update on the previous post, Charles Holgate:  It appears that he and /Rupture had a lengthy telephone conversation last night, and he asked that the post be removed, and he's going to clarify things.  His ass is getting a bit sweaty methinks, as now if someone fucks with you, all you gotta do is do a post, and it can spread like all over and you tons of people will know that you are an asshole.  Need some tissues for your butt Charles?

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